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 Jedi Battle

 Fighting game ???, 198? 

 Jeremy goes Jumping

 Action game Superior Software, 1984 

 Jet-Boot Jack

 Action game English Software, 1983 

 Jet Power Jack

 Action game Micro Power, 1983 

 Jet Set Miner

 Action-adventure Retro Software, 2009 

 Jet Set Willy

 Action-adventure Software Projects, 1985 

 Jet Set Willy 2

 Action-adventure Software Projects, 1986 


 Action-adventure Chris Dewhurst, 1996 


 Action game Ultimate Play The Game, 1984 


 Puzzle game Kansas City Systems, 1984 

 Joe Blade

 Action game Players, 1988 

 Joe Blade 2

 Action game Players, 1988 


 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1985 

 Johnny Reb

 Strategy game Lothlorien, 1983 

 Journey to Freedom

 Text adventure Ian Watt, 1983 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 


 Action game WestSoft, 1985 


 Flight simulation Molimerx, 1982 

 Jump Jet

 Shooting game Doctor Soft, 1984 


 Flight simulation Anirog Software, 1985 

 Jungle Jive

 Shooting game Virgin Games, 1984 

 Jungle Journey

 Action-adventure David Boddie, 2011 

 Jungle Quest

 Text adventure Richard York, 1986 

 Junior Maths - Part 1

 Educational game Tynesoft, 1984 

 Junior Maths - Part 2

 Educational game Tynesoft, 1984 


 Shooting game Mastertronic, 1986 

 Karate Combat

 Fighting game Superior Software, 1984 

 Karl's Kavern

 Action game Software Projects, 1984 


 Text adventure Golem, 1982 


 Board game Leisure Genius, 1984 


 Text adventure B. Neville-Lee, 1983 


 Action game Players, 1986 

 Killer Gorilla

 Action game Micro Power, 1983 

 Killer Gorilla 2

 Action game Superior Software, 1983 

 King's Quest

 Text adventure Vaughan Price, 1986 

 Kingdom Of Hamil

 Text adventure AcornSoft, 1987 

 Kingdom Of Klein

 Text adventure Epic Adventures, 1984 

 Kissin' Kousins

 Action game English Software, 1985 

 Kitchen Capers

 Action game Adrian & Trevor Jones, 1985 


 Puzzle game Domark, 1990 


 Action game The Micro User, 1993 

 Knight Game

 Puzzle game B.T. Short, 1994 

 Knight Lore

 Action-adventure Ultimate Play The Game, 1984 

 Knight Quest

 Action-adventure Matthew Eastmond, 1988 


 Action-adventure Godax, 1988 


 Action game Gremlin Graphics, 1987 

 Krazy John

 Action game J.R. Wilson, 1984 


 Maze game Doctor Soft, 1983 


 Action-adventure AcornSoft, 1984 

 Labyrinths of LaCoshe

 Text adventure Micro Power, 1983 

 Ladder Maze

 Action-adventure Superior Software, 1983 

 Land of Tezrel

 Text adventure Omen Software, 1984 


 Simulation game Virgin Games, 1983 

 Las Vegas

 Gambling game R.H. Software, 1983 

 Laser Command

 Shooting game Micro Power, 1982 

 Laser Letters

 Educational game Shards Software, 1984 

 Laser Reflex

 Shooting game Talent Computer Systems, 1984 

 Last Days of Doom

 Text adventure Peter Killworth, 1990 

 Lazer Cycle

 Action game System 3 Software, 1984 


 Board game Andre Sihera, 1990 

 Leap Frog

 Action game IJK Software Ltd., 1983 


 Action game Software Projects, 1984 

 Legion Adventure

 Text adventure Software Projects, 1984 

 Lemming Syndrome

 Action game Dynabyte Software, 1983 


 Action game Chris Dewhurst, 1999 


 Shooting game Gemini, 1983 

 License to Kill

 Action game Domark, 1987 

 Light Cycle

 Action game P.S.S. Software, 1983 

 Light Cycles

 Action game Paean Systems, 1983 


 Action-adventure Chris Dewhurst, 1998 

 Living Daylights

 Action game Domark, 1987 

 Locks of Luck

 Text adventure Magus, 1986 

 Lode Runner

 Action game Broderbund Software, 1984 

 Loona Rescue

 Action game David Griffin, 1984 

 Looney Lift

 Action game H&H Software, 1983 

 Loony Loco

 Action game Kansas City, 1985 


 Action-puzzle game Audiogenic, 1991 

 Lords of Time

 Text adventure Level 9 Computing, 1983 

 Lost City

 Text adventure Superior Software, 1983 

 Lost in Space

 Text adventure Salamander Software, 1983 

 Lost in Xanadu

 Text adventure Jonathan Evans, 1985 


 Board game Statasoft, 1984 

 Luna Zone

 Action-adventure Fiction Games Software, 1985 

 Lunar Jetman

 Action game Ultimate Play The Game, 1984 

 Lunar Lander

 Action game MRM Software, 1983 

 Mad Monty

 Action game Screenplay, 1983 

 Magic Adventure

 Text adventure Kansas City Systems, 1983 

 Magic Mushrooms

 Action game AcornSoft, 1985 

 Magic Wall

 Puzzle game Des Catlin, 1988 

 Magnetic Moon

 Text adventure Elk Adventure Club, 1987 


 Puzzle game CSL Microdata, 1982 

 Maltese Cross

 Board game David Wale, 1986 


 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1988 


 Action game Partis-Soft, 1983 

 Manic Mansion

 Action-adventure Chris Dewhurst, 1999 

 Manic Mechanic

 Action game J. Temple, 1986 

 Manic Miner

 Action game Software Projects, 1983 

 Martian Attack

 Shooting game Micro Power, 1983 


 Action game Micro Power, 1982 

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