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 Action game IJK Software Ltd., 1983 


 Strategy game Software for All, 1982 


 Action game Robico Software, 1985 

 Beyond Infinity: Cute to Kill

 Action-adventure Mandarin, 1987 

 Bill Bounces Back!

 Action game Simon Phipps, 1984 


 Action game Matthew Fifield, 1988 

 Birdie Barrage

 Shooting game CDS Software Ltd., 1983 

 Birds of Prey

 Shooting game Romik Software Ltd., 1983 


 Shooting game Firebird, 1985 

 Black Box

 Board game AcornSoft, 1984 


 Card game Software Invasion, 1983 


 Action game Alligata, 1983 

 Blagger 2

 Action game Alligata, 1985 


 Action game Audiogenic, 1989 


 Shooting game Software Invasion, 1984 

 Block Breaker

 Action game Gordon J. Key, 1989 


 Action game Micro Power, 1984 


 Action-puzzle game Thor, 1984 


 Action game JBF Software, 1985 

 Blue Dragon

 Text adventure MP Software Ltd., 1983 

 BMX on the Moon

 Action game Superior Software, 1983 

 Boat Race

 Racing game Don Goodeve, 1985 


 Action-adventure Addictive Games, 1985 

 Boffin 2

 Action-adventure Addictive Games, 1985 


 Shooting game Salamander, 1984 

 Bomber Baron

 Shooting game Optyx Software, 1986 


 Action game Superior Software, 1987 

 Boot Hill

 Action game Salamander Software, 1983 

 Boris in the Underworld

 Shooting game Superior Software, 1984 

 Botanical Gardens

 Text adventure Basil Waterton, ??? 

 Boulder Crash

 Action game Brian Lewis, 1985 

 Boulder Dash

 Action game Tynesoft, 1987 


 Action game AcornSoft, 1984 

 Bouncing Bill

 Action game Oak Software Ltd., 1983 

 Bounty Bob Strikes Back

 Action-adventure Micro Power, 1984 


 Action game AcornSoft, 1984 


 Strategy game Virgin Games, 1984 


 Puzzle game Audiogenic, 1990 

 Bridge Master

 Card game J. Keyne, 1983 

 Bruce Lee

 Action-adventure U.S. Gold, 1984 

 Bubble Bobble

 Action game Firebird, 1988 

 >Buffalo Bill's Rodeo Games

 Action game Tynesoft, 1989 

 Bug Blaster

 Shooting game Alligata, 1983 

 Bug Eyes

 Action game Audiogenic, 1985 

 Bug Eyes 2

 Action game Audiogenic, 1986 

 Builder Bob

 Action game R. Lewis, 1985 


 Quiz game Macsen, 1984 

 Bumble Bee

 Action game Micro Power, 1983 

 Bun Fun

 Action game Squirrel Soft, 1985 

 Burger King!

 Action game Brian Lewis, 1985 

 Burger Time

 Action game Minion, 1987 

 Caesar the Cat

 Action game Mirrorsoft Ltd., 1984 


 Action-adventure Superior Software, 1989 


 Business simulation IJK Software Ltd., 1983 


 Text adventure Ian Watt, 1983 

 Car Race

 Action game Mike Goldberg, 1990 


 Shooting game AcornSoft, 1983 

 Castle Assault

 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1985 

 Castle Blackstar

 Text adventure CDS Software Ltd., 1983 

 Castle Dracula

 Text adventure Duckworth Software, 1984 

 Castle Frankenstein

 Text adventure Epic Adventures, 1984 

 Castle of Gems

 Action game MRM Software, 1984 

 Castle of Nightmares

 Action game Mark de Weger, 1986 

 Castle of Riddles

 Text adventure AcornSoft, 1984 

 Castle of the Skull Lord

 Text adventure Samurai, 1984 

 Castle Quest

 Action-adventure Micro Power, 1985 


 Action game Graham Leng, 1984 


 Shooting game MRM Software, 1983 

 Caveman Capers

 Action game Audiogenic, 1985 


 Shooting game Players, 1986 


 Shooting game Superior Software, 1982 


 Shooting game Mastertronic, 1984 


 Text adventure Delta 4, 1983 

 Charlie Chan visits the Wock Factory

 Action game Your Computer, 1985 


 Action game Virgin Games, 1984 


 Action game PCW, 1983 


 Strategy game AcornSoft, 1983 

 Chess 2.31

 Strategy game Superior Software, 1983 


 Action game Lyn Davis, 1990 

 Chichen Itza

 Action-adventure Alligata, 1984 

 Chip Buster

 Shooting game Software Invasion, 1985 


 Shooting game Firebird, 1987 

 Christmas Antics

 Action game John Wallace, 1984 


 Action game Icon, 1983 

 Chuckie Egg

 Action game AnF, 1984 

 Circus Games

 Action game Tynesoft, 1988 


 Action-adventure Superior Software, 1984 

 Citadel 2

 Action-adventure Superior Software, 1993 

 City Defence

 Shooting game Bug-Byte, 1982 

 Classic arcade games

 Various games Database Publications, 1987 


 Action game Impact, 1988 


 Detective game Leisure Genius, 1986 

 Codename Droid

 Action-adventure Superior Software, 1984 


 Adventure game LVL Software, 1986 

 Colditz Adventure

 Text adventure Martin Dolby, 1983 


 Action-puzzle game Michael Elson, 1994 

 Colossus 4 Bridge

 Card game CDS Software, 1988 

 Colossus Chess 4.0

 Board game CDS Software, 1985 

 Combat Lynx

 Flight simulation Durell, 1986 

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