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 Tenpin Bowling

 Sports game Alex Kang, 1986 


 Text adventure Melbourne House, 1984 


 Action game AcornSoft, 1984 


 Action-puzzle game Mirrorsoft, 1988 


 Action-puzzle game 8-Bit Software, 1992 

 The Abominable Snowmen

 Text adventure WGames, 1984 

 The Amazing Q-Man

 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1983 

 The Antagonists

 Text adventure Hal Renko, 1985 

 The Arena

 Action game Michael Jones, 1987 

 The Atlantic Coast Express

 Train simulation Steam Railway Sim., 1988 

 The Axe of Kolt

 Text adventure Elk Adventure Club, 1987 

 The Banana Game

 Action game Bananasoft, 1984 

 The Big K.O.

 Fighting game Tynesoft, 1987 

 The Cube of Zoth

 Text adventure Jane & Jonathan Evans, 1987 

 The Darkness of Raven Wood

 Text adventure Rucksack Games, 2017 

 The Devil's Domain

 Action-adventure Micro Power, 1984 

 The Empire Strikes Back

 Shooting game Domark, 1988 

 The Ferryman Awaits

 Text adventure Kansas City, 1986 

 The Five

 Adventure game Techsoft, ??? 

 The Frog

 Action game Software for All, 1982 

 The Game of Rassilion

 Text adventure Marcus K. Donnelly, ??? 

 The Gate

 Action game David Hopkins, 1989 

 The Genesis Project

 Shooting game Audiogenic, 1988 

 The Ghouls of Azzod

 Action-adventure Peter Azzopardi, 1986 

 The Golden Figurine

 Action-adventure Atlantis Software, 1990 

 The Hacker

 Action-adventure Firebird, 1985 

 The Hobbit

 Text adventure Melbourne House, 1985 

 The Hunt: Search for Shauna

 Text adventure Robico Software, 1987 

 The Inter-City

 Train simulation Steam Railway Sim., 1988 

 The Island

 Text adventure A&B Computing, 1984 

 The Last Ninja

 Action-adventure Superior Software, 1987 

 The Last Ninja 2

 Action-adventure Superior Software, 1989 

 The Life of Repton

 Action game Superior Software, 1987 

 The Little Kingdom

 Text adventure D.L. Harper, 1984 

 The Lost Crystal

 Text adventure Epic Adventures, 1987 

 The Mad Painter

 Text adventure Jack & Jill Foster, 1986 

 The Magic Sword

 Text adventure Database Publications, 1989 

 The Mine

 Action game Micro Power, 1984 

 The Moonstone of Arkra

 Text adventure Steve W. Lucas, 1985 

 The Mystery of the Lost Sheep

 Text adventure Central Computing, 1986 

 The Pay-Off

 Text adventure Bignose Software, 1984 

 The Pen and the Dark

 Text adventure Mosaic Publishing Ltd, 1984 

 The Philosopher's Stone

 Text adventure Potter Programs, 1986 

 The Pines Express

 Train simulation Steam Railway Sim., 1989 

 The Pyramid

 Action game Software Projects, 1984 

 The QEGS Adventure

 Text adventure Mad Rabbit Software, 1989 

 The QEGS Adventure 2

 Text adventure Mad Rabbit Software, 1989 

 The Red Arrows

 Flight simulation Database Software, 1985 

 The Ring of Time

 Text adventure Kansas City Systems, 1986 

 The Saga of Erik the Viking

 Text adventure Level 9 Computing, 1984 

 The Secret Garden

 Text adventure Jonathan Ormond, 1986 

 The Secret of Arendarvon Castle

 Text adventure Arend Rensink, Hal Renko, 1985 

 The Sentinel

 Strategy game Firebird, 1986 

 The Seventh Star

 Text adventure AcornSoft, 1983 

 The Shrinking Professor's Quest

 Text adventure A&F Software, 1983 

 The Sorceror

 Action game MRM Software, 1984 

 The Stolen Lamp

 Text adventure Lothlorien, 1983 

 The Survivors

 Action-puzzle game Atlantis Software, 1987 

 The Taroda Scheme

 Text adventure Heyley Software, 1987 

 The Tombs of Tutankhamen

 Action game Jonathan Temple, 1986 

 The Valley

 Adventure-RPG Argus Software Press, 1983 

 The Warlord

 Text adventure Graham Williams, 1988 

 The Wizard

 Action game Quicksilva, 1982 

 The Wizard's Challenge

 Text adventure Micro Power, 1983 


 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1986 


 Action game Mastertronic, 1984 


 Action-adventure Audiogenic, 1986 

 Thunderstruck II

 Action-adventure Audiogenic, 1987 

 Time Bomb

 Action game Jason Holliday, 1986 

 Time Travel Adventure

 Text adventure Software for All, 1982 


 Action-puzzle game The Electron User, 1989 


 Action-adventure Andrew Flintham, 1989 


 Strategy game Micro Power, 1983 


 Shooting game Kansas City Systems, 1985 

 Tower of Hanoi

 Puzzle game AnF Software, 1983 

 Trackman Game

 Action game Tom & Silas Standage, 1985 

 Transistors Revenge

 Shooting game Softspot, 1983 


 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1987 

 Treasure Hunt

 Adventure game Macsen, 1984 


 Shooting game Virgin Games, 1984 

 Trivial Pursuit - Baby Boomer Edition

 Quiz game Domark, 1988 

 Trivial Pursuit - Genus Edition

 Quiz game Domark, 1988 

 Trivial Pursuit - Young Players Edition

 Quiz game Domark, 1988 


 Action game Simon Ward, 1983 


 Racing game R. Sears, 1984 

 Tutankhamun's Revenge

 Action game Bug-Byte, 1987 

 Uggie's Garden

 Action game AcornSoft, 1997 


 Board game Terry Blunt, 1988 


 Shooting game Icon, 1984 

 Ultron 2

 Shooting game CRM, 1984 

 Uncle Claude

 Action game Alligata, 1984 

 Underground Adventure

 Text adventure Duckworth Educational, 1984 

 Up, Up and Away

 Action game M.J. Aspden, 1984 


 Shooting game Bug-Byte, 1986 

 U.S. Drag Racing

 Racing game Tynesoft, 1985 

 Valley of the Kings

 Text adventure MP Software Ltd., 1984 

 Valley of the Pharaohs

 Text adventure FBC Systems Ltd., 1983 

 Vampire Castle

 Text adventure Micrograf, 1984 


 Action game Superior Software, 1991 

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