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 Action game Elite, 1985 

 Condition Red

 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1983 


 Action-puzzle game Incentive, 1984 

 Contract Bridge

 Card game Alligata, 1983 


 Action game Ultimate Play The Game, 1983 


 Text adventure Alpine Games, 1990 

 Copter Capers

 Action game AnF Software, 1984 


 Text adventure Basil Waterton, 1988 

 Corn Cropper

 Business simulation C.C.S., 1983 

 Cosmic Asteroids

 Shooting game Alligata, 1983 

 Cosmic Camouflage

 Shooting game Superior Software, 1987 

 Cosmic Cruiser

 Shooting game Imagine, 1984 

 Cosmic Fighter

 Shooting game Kansas City Systems, 1983 

 Cosmic Guerrillas

 Shooting game Andrew Pillidge, 1984 

 Cosmic Kidnap

 Shooting game Superior Software, 1983 

 Countdown to Doom

 Text adventure AcornSoft, 1985 

 Cowboy Shootout

 Shooting game Micro Power, 1983 


 Action game Atlantis, 1990 


 Shooting game Watford Electronics, 1983 

 Crazee Rider

 Racing game Superior Software, 1985 

 Crazy Balloon

 Action game Acornsoft, 1983 

 Crazy Caves

 Action-adventure Swift Software, 1985 

 Crazy Clowns

 Action game N.C. Hambly, 1989 

 Crazy Tracer

 Action game Acornsoft, 1984 

 Creepy Cave

 Action game Atlantis Software, 1990 


 Card game Superior Software, 1983 


 Action game Micro Power, 1983 


 Action-puzzle game Virgin Games, 1983 


 Action game Keith Owen, 1988 

 Crystal Castles

 Action game U.S. Gold, 1984 

 Crystal Sea

 Action game Rob Walmsley, 1989 

 Custard Pie Fight

 Action game Comsoft, 1984 

 Cybertron Mission

 Action game Micro Power, 1984 

 Cyborg Warriors

 Shooting game AcornSoft, 1991 

 Cylon Attack

 Shooting game AnF Software, 1983 


 Text adventure ???, ??? 


 Business simulation C.C.S., 1983 


 Shooting game Alligata, 1983 

 Danger Dog

 Action game Matthew Eastmond, 1990 

 Danger UXB

 Action-puzzle game Micro Power, 1983 

 Dare Devil Dennis

 Action game Visions, 1985 


 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1984 

 Dead or Alive

 Shooting game Alternative, 1988 

 Death in Poglovia

 Text adventure Steve W. Lucas, 1983 

 Death's Head Hole

 Adventure game PeakSoft, 1983 


 Shooting game Superior Software, 1984 


 Action game Visions, 1984 

 Demon Decorator

 Action game Micro Power, 1983 

 Demon Knight

 Text adventure ASP Games, 1983 

 Dennis in the Mines

 Action game Stephen Flood, 1984 

 Despatch Rider

 Action game Audiogenic, 1984 

 Desperate Dan's Dungeon

 Action game Thor, 1984 

 Diamond Adventure

 Text adventure Ben Craig, 1984 

 Diamond Mine

 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1986 

 Diamond Mine 2

 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1986 

 Diamond Pete

 Action game Alligata, 1986 

 Diamond Quest

 Action game James Bee, 1986 


 Action game Swift Software, 1985 

 Dickie Brickie

 Action game Mike Goldberg, 1990 


 Strategy game DK'Tronics, 1983 


 Action game Visions Software, 1983 


 Action game Doctor Soft, 1984 

 Dinosaur Adventure

 Text adventure 8-Bit Software, 1985 

 Doctor Who: The First Adventure

 Action-adventure BBC Soft, 1984 


 Action game AcornSoft, 1983 


 Action game Microgame Simulations, 1983 


 Shooting game Micro Power, 1983 


 Board game Garland Computing, 1984 

 Donkey Kong Junior

 Action game Atari Inc., 1984 

 Downhill Racer

 Sports game Gary Pilbrow, 1985 

 Dracula Adventure

 Text adventure Andrew Grifio, 1984 

 Dracula Island

 Text adventure Kansas City Systems, 1986 

 Dragon Quest

 Text adventure Bug-Byte, 1982 

 Dragon Rider

 Action game Salamander Software, 1983 

 Drain Mania

 Action game Audiogenic, 1985 


 Board game Logic Systems, 1982 

 Draughts Challenger

 Board game Micro Power, 1983 


 Text adventure Heyley Software, 1987 


 Puzzle game AcornSoft, 1984 

 Drop In

 Puzzle game ArrowSoft, 1993 


 Shooting game Firebird, 1984 

 Dug Dig

 Action game The Micro User, 1984 

 Dune Rider

 Action game Micro Power, 1983 

 Dungeon Adventure

 Text adventure Level 9 Computing, 1983 


 Action-adventure Bug-Byte, 1986 


 Racing game The 4th Dimension, 1990 


 Action game Salamander, 1983 

 Eagle Empire

 Shooting game Alligata, 1983 

 Eastwood Manor

 Detective game Polarsoft, 1984 

 Ebony Castle

 Action game J. Temple, 1986 

 Ebony Tower

 Text adventure Alligata, 1985 

 Eddie Kidd's Jump Challenge

 Action game Mertech, 1984 

 Egg Mania

 Action game S. Clark, 1990 

 Egghead in Space

 Action game Cronosoft, 2004 

 Egyptian Adventure

 Text adventure Duckworth Software, 1987 

 Eldorado Gold

 Text adventure Micro Power, 1983 

 Electro Freddy

 Action game Softspot, 1984 

 Electron Invaders

 Shooting game Micro Power, 1983 


 Action game David Pilling, 1984 

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