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 10th Frame

 Sports game U.S. Gold, 1987 

 3-D Maze

 Maze game CSSCGC, 1996 

 A Day in the Life of Arnold

 Action-adventure Hippo Enterprises, 1990 

 A View to a Kill

 Action game Domark, 1985 

 Advanced Road Rage Simulator

 Action game Cheese Freak Software, 1997 


 Shooting game Zigurat, 1988 

 Ali Baba

 Action game Suzy Soft, 1985 


 Shooting game Cascade, 1983 

 Android Nim

 Board game Richard Francis Altwasser, 1982 


 Shooting game Imagine, 1983 

 Arena 3000

 Shooting game Microdeal, 1984 

 Atic Atac

 Action-adventure Ultimate Play The Game, 1983 


 Text adventure Top Ten Software, 1987 

 Babszem Jatek

 Board game Laszlo Nyitrai, 1998 

 Back to Skool

 Action-adventure Microsphere, 1985 

 Balloon Hopper

 Action game Your Computer, 1983 


 Shooting game Activision, 1984 


 Puzzle game CEZ Game Studio, 2007 

 Black Friday

 Business simulation EMM Software, 1983 


 Action game Dominic Morris, 1997 

 Bomb Jack

 Action game Elite, 1986 


 Action game State Soft Ltd., 1984 

 Bubble Trouble!

 Action-adventure Brian Skidmore, 1986 


 Action game Amstrad, 1986 

 C5 Clive

 Action game Scorpio Gamesworld Ltd., 1985 

 Cannon Ball

 Shooting game Hudson Soft, 1983 


 Gambling game 16/48 Tape Magazine, 1984 


 Action game Tynesoft, ??? 


 Shooting game DK'Tronics, 1982 

 Chambers of Death

 Action-adventure Automata UK Ltd., 1984 

 Chuckie Egg

 Action game AnF Software, 1983 


 Action game P. Toland, ??? 

 Classic Muncher

 Action game Bubble Bus, 1987 

 Come Mocos

 Action game Lucas Pelaez, 2007 

 Corn Cropper

 Business simulation C.C.S., 1983 


 Action game Digital Image, 1987 

 Crystal Castles

 Action game U.S. Gold, 1986 

 Cudesni Mac

 Action game Colic, 1985 


 Text adventure Beja Soft, 1987 

 Dangerous Gardens

 Action game Jason Charlesworth, 1984 

 Dark Staff

 Adventure-RPG Frank Oliver, 1991 

 Dead or Alive

 Shooting game Alternative Software, 1987 

 Deep Scan

 Shooting game Octocom, 2005 


 Shooting game Impact Software, 1983 

 Digger Dan

 Action game Ocean Software, 1983 

 Dome Trooper

 Text adventure Matand Software, 1986 

 Don't Panic

 Action game Firebird, 1985 


 Action game Imagic, 1984 


 Action-adventure Hewson, 1985 


 Shooting game Alexander Harlov, 1995 


 Action game Macronics Systems Ltd., 1983 


 Shooting game Dro Soft, 1987 

 Eight Cards Patience

 Card game ???, ??? 

 Eric and the Floaters

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1983 


 Action game Andrew Biglin, 1984 


 Text adventure 8th Day Software, 1985 

 Fantasia Diamond

 Text adventure Hewson, 1984 


 Shooting game Softek International Ltd., 1983 

 Five Dice

 Dice game Christopher James, 1984 

 Flight Simulation

 Action game Flight simulation, 1983 

 Football Manager

 Management game Addictive Games, 1982 

 Football Manager: World Cup Edition

 Management game Addictive Games, 1990 


 Action game AnF Software, 1983 


 Action game C-Tech, 1982 

 Full Throttle

 Racing game Micromega, 1984 


 Shooting game DK'Tronics, 1983 

 Galactic Abductors

 Shooting game Anirog Software, 1983 


 Puzzle game Quicksilva, 1984 

 General Election

 Board game Bug-Byte, 1983 

 Ghost's Revenge

 Action game Micromania, 1983 

 Ghoul Manor

 Text adventure Britannia Software Ltd., 1984 

 Go to Hell

 Action-adventure Triple Six, 1985 

 Gold Mine

 Action game DK'Tronics, 1983 

 Good Luck

 Shooting game Top Ten Software, 1987 

 Grand Prix Driver

 Racing game Britannia Software Ltd., 1983 


 Action game Alternative Software, 1990 


 Shooting game Hewsons, 1987 


 Action game Action, 1988 

 Handy Andy

 Action game CRL Group PLC, 1984 

 Hanois Torn

 Puzzle game Clas Kristiansson, ??? 

 Harvey Headbanger

 Action game Firebird, 1986 

 Head over Heels

 Action-adventure Ocean Software, 1987 


 Fighting game ???, ??? 

 Here Comes the Sun

 Text adventure Alligata, 1983 

 Hidden City

 Shooting game Bytewell, 1983 

 Horace and The Spiders

 Action game Beam Software, 1983 

 Horace Goes Skiing

 Action game Beam Software, 1982 

 Hungry Horace

 Action game Beam Software, 1982 


 Action game Bubble Bus, 1984 

 I, Ball

 Shooting game Firebird, 1987 

 I, Ball II: Quest for the Past

 Action-adventure Firebird, 1987 


 Shooting game Cascade Games Ltd., 1987 

 Intruder Alert

 Text adventure Compass Software, 1989 

 Intruder Alert II

 Text adventure Compass Software, 1991 


 Shooting game Artic Computing, 1982 

 It's the Wooluf!

 Action game Crystal Computing, 1984 


 Gambling game G. Torregrossa, 1983 

 Jason of the Argonauts

 Text adventure The Guild, 1990 


 Shooting game Elfin Software Ltd., 1983 

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