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 Southern Belle

 Simulation game Hewson, 1985 

 Space Crystal

 Adventure game Quark Data, 1983 

 Space Harrier

 Shooting game Elite Systems Ltd., 1986 

 Space Intruders

 Shooting game Quicksilva, 1982 

 Space Panic

 Action game Mikro-Gen Ltd., 1983 

 Space Raiders

 Shooting game Sinclair Research Ltd., 1982 

 Space Walk

 Shooting game Mastertronic, 1984 

 Speccy Pairs

 Memory game Pedro Romero, 2003 


 Action game Robert Zeljko, ??? 

 Spectra Smash

 Shooting game Romik Software Ltd., 1983 

 Spectral Invaders

 Shooting game Bug-Byte, 1982 


 Board game Protek Computing Ltd., 1983 


 Action game Vinsoft, 1989 

 Spiky Harold

 Action-adventure Firebird, 1986 


 Action game Abbex Electronics, 1982 

 Sport of Kings

 Gambling game Mastertronic, 1986 


 Simulation game Aackosoft, 1986 

 Stack Up

 Action-puzzle game Zeppelin Games, 1991 

 Star Dragon

 Shooting game Proxima Software, 1990 

 Star Firebirds

 Shooting game Firebird, 1985 

 Star Fox

 Shooting game Cybexlab Software, 1987 

 Star Wars

 Shooting game Domark, 1987 


 Shooting game Barry and Bruce Adams, 1988 


 Shooting game Micromega, 1983 

 Stock Market

 Business simulation APS Software, 1983 


 Action game Omega Software, 1985 

 Stomping Stan

 Action game Britannia Software Ltd., 1983 

 Street Hawk

 Action game Ocean Software, 1986 


 Sports game Mastertronic, 1987 

 Strip Jack

 Gambling game Carlos Correia, 1985 

 Strip Poker II+

 Gambling game Anco Software, 1988 

 Sub Hunter

 Flight simulation Micro-Mart Software, 1984 

 Sub Track

 Shooting game Amba Software, 1986 

 Submarino Amarilloz

 Action game Ventamatic, 1985 

 Subterranean Nightmare

 Action game Americana, 1986 

 Summer Santa

 Action-adventure Alpha-Omeg Software, 1986 

 Super Bridge

 Card game Buffer Micro, 1984 

 Super Gran

 Action game Tynesoft, 1985 

 Super Gran: The Adventure

 Text adventure Tynesoft, 1985 

 Super Nudge 2000

 Gambling game Mastertronic, 1989 


 Sports game Ocean Software, 1986 


 Action game Atlantis Software, 1989 

 Superkid in Space

 Action-adventure Atlantis Software, 1990 


 Action-adventure Longman Software, 1984 

 SuperTed: The Search for Spot

 Action-adventure Alternative Software, 1990 

 Sweevo's World

 Action-adventure Gargoyle Games, 1986 


 Shooting game Blue Ribbon, 1989 


 Shooting game Mastertronic, 1989 

 Table Football

 Sports game Budgie Budget Software, 1987 

 Tachyon Command

 Shooting game Century Software, 1985 


 Action-adventure Silversoft, 1985 


 Shooting game Players, 1988 


 Action game U.S. Gold, 1985 

 Tax Returns

 Text adventure Zenobi Software, 1992 


 Action game Digital Integration, 1983 

 Teacher Trouble

 Text adventure Pegasus Software, 1989 

 Telly Wise

 Business simulation Fastback, 1990 


 Shooting game Electric Dreams, 1987 

 Terra Cresta

 Shooting game Imagine, 1986 

 Terra Force

 Shooting game Firebird, 1983 


 Action-adventure Fabio Didone, 2014 


 Action-puzzle game Mirrorsoft Ltd., 1988 

 Tetris Championship Edition

 Action-puzzle game TheShich, 2020 

 The Adventures of Saint Bernard

 Adventure game Carnell Software, 1983 

 The Adventures of Sinbad

 Adventure game Atlantis Software, 1983 

 The Balrog and the Cat

 Text adventure Zenobi Software, 1988 

 The Bermuda Triangle

 Text adventure Zenobi Software, 1992 

 The Case of the Obscene Mural

 Text adventure Encief Routines, 1986 

 The Chessmaster 2000

 Board game Dro Soft, 1990 

 The Diamonds

 Action-adventure Bill Gilbert, 1986 

 The Egg

 Action game Automata UK Ltd., 1985 

 The Eleventh Hour

 Text adventure Venturesoft, 1986 

 The Five Treasures of Ryzar

 Text adventure Space Age Software, 1984 

 The Forest

 Simulation game Phipps Associates, 1983 

 The Girl Who Was Death

 Text adventure Stephen Preston, 1986 

 The Helm

 Text adventure Firebird, 1985 

 The House Jack Built

 Action game Thor Computer Software, 1984 

 The Ice Temple

 Action-adventure Bubble Bus, 1986 

 The Jewels of Babylon

 Text adventure Interceptor Software, 1985 

 The King's Keep

 Action-adventure Firebird, 1986 

 The Light Corridor

 Action game Infogrames, 1991 

 The Lost Orb

 Text adventure KW Computing, 1984 

 The Manor of Madness

 Text adventure Celtic Computing, 1984 

 The Odyssey of Hope

 Text adventure Martech Games, 1984 

 The Omega Zone

 Shooting game Peter Curtis, 1991 

 The Philosopher's Stone

 Text adventure Central Solutions, 1986 

 The Queen of Hearts

 Text adventure Widgit Software, 1984 

 The Real Stunt Experts

 Action game Alternative Software, 1989 

 The Rifts of Time

 Text adventure Gilsoft International, 1984 

 The Survivors

 Action-puzzle game Atlantis Software, 1986 

 The Tube

 Shooting game Quicksilva, 1987 


 Action game Arcade Software, 1984 


 Board game Ariolasoft, 1985 


 Puzzle game Firebird, 1985 


 Board game David Robertson, 1993 

 Time Flight

 Shooting game The Power House, 1986 

 Time Switch

 Text adventure R.D. Foord Software, 1985 

 Time Zone

 Text adventure R.D. Foord Software, 1985 


 Action game Titus, 1989 

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