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 Shooting game Electric Dreams, 1988 

 Race Ace

 Racing game Micro Gold, 1983 

 Race Fun

 Racing game Rabbit Software, 1983 

 Racing Manager

 Management game Virgin Games, 1983 

 Raider of the Forgotten Ark

 Action game Spectra Soft, 1984 


 Action game Gadtek Games, 1987 

 Rally Driver

 Simulation game Five Ways Software Ltd., 1984 


 Action game Activision, 1988 


 Shooting game Positive, 1989 


 Action game Atlantis Software, 1985 

 Realm of Darkness

 Text adventure Zenobi Software, 1987 

 Realm of the Undead

 Action game Express Programmes Comp., 1984 

 Red Attack

 Shooting game Unique, 1984 

 Red Baron

 Flight simulation MC Lothlorien Ltd., 1983 


 Strategy game MC Lothlorien Ltd., 1984 


 Action game Alligata, 1989 

 Repton 2

 Action game Alligata, 1989 


 Shooting game Softek International Ltd., 1983 


 Action-adventure Mastertronic, 1987 

 Rescue on Fractalus!

 Shooting game Activision, 1986 


 Puzzle game Mastertronic, 1989 


 Board game Sinclair Research Ltd., 1982 


 Action game Firebird, 1987 


 Action game Virgin Games, 1983 

 Riding the Rapids

 Action game Players, 1987 

 Rik the Roadie

 Action game Alternative Software, 1988 

 River Raid

 Shooting game Activision, 1984 

 River Rescue

 Action game Thorn EMI, 1984 

 Road Frog

 Action game Spectrum Games Ltd., 1983 

 Road Race

 Action game Ocean Software, 1987 

 Road Toad

 Action game Elfin Software Ltd., 1983 

 Robot Messiah

 Action-adventure Alphabatim, 1985 

 Robot Rumpus

 Action game Atlantis Software, 1984 

 Robotron: 2084

 Action game Atari Inc., 1984 

 Rocket Raider

 Shooting game C-Tech, 1983 


 Action game Mastertronic, 1987 


 Adventure-RPG Mastertronic, 1988 

 Roman Empire

 Strategy game MC Lothlorien Ltd., 1982 

 Roundheads and Cavaliers

 Strategy game MC Lothlorien Ltd., 1987 

 Rox III

 Shooting game Llamasoft Ltd., 1982 

 Rugby Boss

 Management game Alternative Software, 1989 

 Rugby Coach

 Management game Cult Games, 1991 

 Run Baby Run

 Action game Firebird, 1983 


 Text adventure Firebird, 1986 


 Action-adventure Mastertronic, 1986 


 Action-adventure Genesis Soft, 1988 

 Sabre Wulf

 Action-adventure Ultimate Play The Game, 1984 


 Action game Genesis Soft, 1989 


 Action-adventure Dinamic Soft, 1984 

 Sam Spade

 Action game Silversoft, 1983 


 Strategy game CRL Group PLC, 1986 


 Action-adventure U.S. Gold, 1987 


 Simulation game Atlantis Software, 1987 


 Racing game Virgin Games, 1986 


 Action-adventure Quicksilva, 1985 


 Action game Imagine, 1983 


 Shooting game Livewire Software, 1983 


 Shooting game Mikro-Gen Ltd., 1983 

 Scuba Kidz

 Action-adventure Silverbird Software, 1988 

 Sea Battles

 Board game Atlantis Software, 1984 

 Seas of Blood

 Text adventure Adventure International, 1985 

 Self Destruct

 Action game Atlantis Software, 1985 


 Memory game CP Software, 1984 

 Sex Crime

 Action game Omycron Software, 1986 

 Sex Poker

 Gambling game Janusz Gajewicz, 1986 

 Shadow Skimmer

 Action game The Edge Software, 1987 


 Action game Postern, 1983 

 Shard of Inovar

 Adventure game Bulldog Software, 1987 


 Action game Virgin Games, 1983 

 Ship of the Line

 Management game Richard Shepherd, 1982 


 Text adventure Tartan Software, 1987 

 Shockway Rider

 Action game Faster Than Light, 1987 

 Shooting Gallery

 Shooting game Adam Leonard, 1985 

 Shove Off

 Action game Ansgar Zerfass, 1983 

 Side Arms

 Shooting game Go!, 1988 


 Shooting game Firebird, 1987 


 Action-adventure Emilio Jose Grao Benedi, 1990 

 Sir Fred

 Action-adventure Zigurat, 1986 

 Sir Lancelot

 Action game Melbourne House, 1984 

 Sito Pons 500cc.

 Racing gamee Zigurat, 1990 


 Sports game Ubisoft, 1988 

 Skateboard Joust

 Action game Silverbird Software, 1989 

 Skool Daze

 Action-adventure Microsphere, 1985 


 Action-adventure K'Soft Ltd., 1987 

 Sky Runner

 Shooting game Cascade Games Ltd., 1987 


 Shooting game The Power House, 1987 


 Action game Pirate Software, 1988 


 Gambling game New Hairs Software Ltd., 1995 


 Action game Dominic Morris, 1992 


 Action game Robert Stockton, 1986 

 Snake Pit

 Action game Postern, 1983 

 Soccer 7

 Management game Cult Games, 1989 

 Soccer Star

 Management game Cult Games, 1989 

 Soko Ban

 Puzzle game Zack, 1997 


 Puzzle game Compiler Software, 2006 


 Puzzle game No Man's Land, 1984 

 Son of Blagger

 Action game Alligata, 1984 


 Action-adventure Virgin Games, 1984 


 Action-adventure Virgin Games, 1986 

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