SuDoKu is computer version of popular puzzle game with same name. Built-in editor is useful for puzzle creation. Game also contains database of few thousand puzzles, which are mostly very hard. Puzzles can be randomly chosen by computer or selected by ID.
SuDoKu has implemented fast algorithm for solving puzzles (? option), which is helpful for solving and creating.


SuDoKu version 0.2 contains lots of new features mostly in user interface area: from now on main frame can be resized, puzzles printed and candidates can be entered... editing and solving is greatly simplified with new toolbar and shortcuts on right mouse button and wheel. Puzzle database has been extended and now contains almost 5000 puzzles; puzzle selection dialog has also been greatly improved.

Application requires following component to run: .NET Framework. If you don't know how to play Sudoku, read a great "Sauls Sudoku tutorial". Do not run SuDoKu from browser if you dont have disabled security restrictions, cause game will not function properly.

Visit download page 18.7.2007