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 Text adventure Chris Mudd, 2000 


 Text adventure Peter Scott, 2020 


 Puzzle game Francois Lanciault, 2014 

 23 Bullets

 Board game Frank-Guido Dibowski, 1996 

 3-D Maze

 Maze game Ralf Biederman, 2001 

 3D Noughts & Crosses

 Board game T.J. Arnfield, ??? 

 3D Noughts and Crosses

 Board game Dilwyn Jones, 1986 

 A Change in the Weather

 Text adventure Andrew Plotkin, 1995 

 A Bear's Night Out

 Text adventure David Dyte, 1997 

 Acey Deucey

 Gambling game ???, ??? 

 Ad Verbum

 Text adventure Nick Montfort, 2000 


 Action-adventure Philip Sproston, 1985 


 Action-adventure Quantum Soft, 1985 

 Adventure Playtime

 Text adventure Alan Pemberton, 1986 


 Text adventure Adventure International, 1984 

 Akalabeth: World of Doom

 Adventure-RPG George Beckett, 2017 

 All Quiet on the Library Front

 Text adventure Michael S. Phillips, 1995 


 Business simulation Alexander Waye, 1987 


 Word game Kees Truijens, 1987 


 Language processor Dave & Ann Watson, 1988 


 Action game R. D. Lorenz, 1984 

 Asalto y Castigo

 Text adventure Jose Baltasar Garcia, 2009 

 Assault & Battery

 Shooting game Damon Chaplin, 1990 

 Attack of the Things

 Shooting game ???, ??? 


 Text adventure Graham A. Nelson, 1994 

 Beat the Devil

 Text adventure Robert M. Camisa, 1999 

 Big Clive's Supergayrainbow...

 Gambling game Jim Waterman, 2020 


 Action game C&C Soft, 1985 

 Blue Meanies

 Shooting game Jonathan Bowring, 1985 

 Bombs Away

 Shooting game Richard Hartill, 1985 


 Text adventure Jon Ingolde, 1999 


 Action game David Nowotnik, 1986 


 Action game Sinclair Research Ltd., 1985 


 Card game Pete Etheridge, 2017 


 Educational game John Hartrey, 1986 

 Bugs and Bombs

 Action game Simon N. Goodwin, 1984 


 Action game Don Priestley, 2021 


 Action game Nigel Holder, ??? 


 Adventure game Colin Stewart, 1985 


 Board game Jerome Grimbert, 1999 

 Castle Amnos

 Text adventure John Evans, 2000 

 Catch Jack

 Memory game Joan Pratt, 1992 


 Action-adventure Janko Mršić-Flögel, 1985 

 Cavern Frenzy

 Action game Fraser Harkins, 1986 


 Board game Pedro Reina, 1998 


 Shooting game Timothy J. West, 1995 


 Text adventure Gareth Rees, 1995 

 Classic Adventure

 Text adventure Abersoft, 1985 

 Clocks & Tables

 Educational game S.M. Bourne, 1992 


 Detective game ???, ??? 

 Computer Scrabble

 Board game Leisure Genius, 1985 

 Connect 4

 Board game Richard Hartill, 1985 


 Word game S.M. Bourne, 1992 


 Quiz game Mike A. Sever, 1985 

 Crazy Cards

 Card game Thomas Roesner, 1995 


 Card game Frank-Guido Dibowski, 1993 


 Card game ???, ??? 


 Text adventure Jonathan Partington, 1986 

 Cube Crawler

 Action game Antony Trenker, 1985 


 Text adventure Graham A. Nelson, 1993 

 Cyborg Wars

 Strategy game Martin Kromke, 1985 


 Maze game D.R. Tose, 2001 

 Danger! Adventurer at Work!

 Text adventure Simon Avery, 1991 


 Action game Kenton Judson, 1986 

 Decimal Invaders

 Action game Dilwyn Jones, 2002 


 Puzzle game Frank-Guido Dibowski, 1996 


 Text adventure C. E. Forman, 1996 

 Deephome: A Telleen Adventure

 Text adventure Joshua Wise, 1999 


 Text adventure C. E. Forman, 1996 


 Text adventure C. E. Forman, 1995 


 Action game Thomas Much, 1987 


 Text adventure Orbis Publishing Ltd., 1984 


 Action game Dilwyn Jones, 2022 


 Memory game Frederick Huynh, 1985 


 Board game Heimo Geske, 1989 


 Board game Nicolas, 1987 


 Board game ???, ??? 

 Don't Shoot The QL

 Shooting game Dilwyn Jones, 2021 

 Dragon Slayer

 Action game Richard Snowdon, 1984 


 Text adventure J.Y. Rouffiac, 1988 


 Shooting game Philip Murphy, ??? 

 Dungeons of Choloom

 Adventure-RPG Herbert Thorsten, ??? 

 Dunric's 8K Adventure

 Text adventure Dilwyn Jones, 2023 


 Puzzle game Frank-Guido Dibowski, 1993 

 El Blindo

 Puzzle game Soenke Mueller-Lund, 1989 


 Text adventure Taro Ogawa, 1998 

 Exploding Atoms

 Board game Frank-Guido Dibowski, 1996 

 Fantasia Adventure

 Text adventure SB Software, 1985 


 Text adventure ???, ??? 


 Business simulation R. Oxborne, 2001 

 Final Conflict

 Strategy game Oliver Neef, 1987 

 Financial Climes

 Business simulation Mark Knight, 1985 

 Five in a Row

 Board game Alan Pywell, 1987 

 Flightsimulator QLF

 Flight simulation Kazim Bahar, 1987 

 Four in a Line

 Board game I. Jordan, ??? 


 Gambling game Soenke Mueller-Lund, 1987 

 Friday Afternoon

 Text adventure Mischa Schweitzer, 1997 


 Action game Tonny Day, 1985 

 From the Tower of Valagon

 Text adventure Alan Pemberton, 1988 

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