SPM is a client-server system for data manipulation on server from client over the internet. Server application contains data in XML documents on file system, which is sent to client after the connection to server. After user opens the specific document, its structure is presented in tree control, but actual data can be manipulate inside input controls. When finished, user can save changes on the server.

Client application is made in Java and can run as applet or standalone application. On the other hand, server application is coded in C++ and can run under Linux and Win32 operating systems.


Development of single-client application has been stopped at ver. 0.94, because multi-client application is now needed. I rewrite almost all code and currently client is at version 0.99 and contains all functionality of old client plus: communicating with multiple server systems and working on local machine. User can view/edit multiple XML document and support for text, CVS and COMTRADE documents was also integrated.

SPM is a commercial product. 13.7.2007