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 17 und 04

 Card game ???, ??? 

 3D Noughts and Crosses

 Strategy game Dave J. Wylie, ??? 

 3D Tic-Tac-Toe

 Strategy game ???, ??? 

 A Scrambled Word Game

 Word game SoftSwap, 1981 

 Acey Deucy

 Card game Vince Mills, 1980 


 Puzzle game ???, 1980 


 Action game Commodore Ltd., 1982 

 Adventure 1: Cavern of Riches

 Text adventure John O'Hare, 1980 

 Adventure 2: The Great Pyramid

 Text adventure John O'Hare, 1980 

 Adventure 3: Haunted Mansion

 Text adventure John O'Hare, 1981 


 Text adventure Adventure International, 1980 

 Air Attack

 Shooting game SuperSoft, 1979 


 Shooting game ???, ??? 

 Alligator Moeras

 Action game Mike Hamilton, 1980 

 Alien Attack

 Shooting game Peter Wright, 1979 


 Shooting game Mike Hamilton, 1980 


 Strategy game Phil Bayman, 1980 

 Android Nim

 Strategy game Don Dennis, 1979 


 Action game Jim Butterfield, 1981 


 Strategy game Creative Computing, 1979 

 Atlantic Patrol

 Strategy game R.D. Watts, 1978 


 Board game ???, ??? 

 B-29 Bomber

 Shooting game Arne Gleason, 1979 


 Board game J. Aughton, 1980 

 Ballon Redden

 Action game DWE-Produktie, 1980 


 Sports game Jinshi Suzuki, 1977 


 Action game C. T. Nadovich, 1979 


 Board game Commodore Ltd., 1978 


 Card game Randall Lockwood, 1979 


 Card game John Melissa, 1979 


 Card game Commodore Ltd., 1978 

 Blockade Special!

 Action game Gil Winkler, 1981 


 Shooting game ???, ??? 


 Board game Randall Lockwood, 1980 


 Gambling game C. T. Nadovich, 1980 


 Action game ???, ??? 


 Action game ???, 1980 


 Action game Dave J. Wylie, ??? 


 Action game Glen Fisher, 1978 

 Brick Wall

 Action game Dawson, 1980 


 Card game Petsoft, 1978 

 Bridge Bidding Trainer

 Card game James C. Downer, 1979 


 Board game The Code Works, 1978 


 Puzzle game Bill Finzer, 1979 

 Bulls and Bears

 Business simulation Speakeasy Software, 1978 


 Action game Larry Stevens, 1979 


 Action game Michael Malcom, 1980 

 Car Race

 Racing game Satoru Iwata, 1980 

 Casino Blackjack

 Card game CMS Software Systems, 1979 


 Board game CMS Software Systems, 1980 

 Chess Game

 Board game ???, 1980 

 Civil War

 Strategy game Creative Computing, 1978 


 Detective game Dave J. Wylie, ??? 

 Concord Landing Simulation

 Simulation game ???, 1980 

 Cops n' Robbers

 Strategy game Glen Fisher, 1979 

 Cosmic Cosmiads

 Shooting game Derek J. Hipkin, 1981 

 Cosmic Fighter

 Shooting game MS Software, 1982 

 Count to 100

 Strategy game Dave J. Wylie, ??? 


 Action game ???, ??? 

 Crazy Balloon

 Action game ???, 1980 


 Shooting game Evan Williams, 1979 


 Action game Bodyguard Software, 1981 


 Action game Ken Morley, 1979 


 Action game ???, ??? 

 Diamond Hunt II

 Action game Joe Commodore, 1980 


 Action game Dave J. Wylie, ??? 

 Dog Star Adventure

 Text adventure David Malmberg, 1980 


 Action game ???, 1980 


 Puzzle game ???, 1980 


 Maze game Jan V. Gorp, 1980 

 Dot Racer

 Action game ???, ??? 


 Educational game Earl Furman, 1980 

 Dragon Island

 Strategy game Walt Hutchinson, 1978 

 Draw Poker

 Card game Commodore Ltd., 1978 


 Action game Bob Chappell, 1980 


 Adventure-RPG Brian Sawyer, 1979 


 Language processor Creative Computing, 1979 


 Puzzle game Alex Breed, 1980 


 Simulation game Columbia College, 1980 


 Puzzle game Brian Sawyer, 1979 

 Fantastic Voyage

 Shooting game Greg Hopkins, 1979 


 Sports game Mark Pelczarski, 1979 


 Action game John Matarella, 1979 


 Puzzle game David Platton, 1979 


 Action game Brian Sawyer, 1980 

 Flash Attack

 Strategy game Mach 1 Software, 1980 

 Flight Simulator

 Simulation game Commodore Ltd., 1983 


 Simulation game Peter Goger, 1980 


 Sports game Programma International, 1979 


 Simulation game ???, 1980 

 Frog Race

 Gambling game ???, ??? 


 Action game Bob Carr, 1980 


 Action game ???, ??? 

 Function Machine

 Mathematical game Commodore Ltd., 1978 


 Puzzle game Jim Wildermuth, 1981 

 Galactic Attack

 Shooting game Dave J. Wylie, ??? 

 Game of Deflection

 Action game ???, 1979 


 Board game Glen Fischer, 1979 

 Ganzen Schieten

 Shooting game D.W. Engelfreit, 1980 

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