Name: Boštjan Grandovec
Address: Pot na Jošta 27
4000 Kranj
Born: 15.7.1972
Education: Computer tehnician

I had my first contact with computers when I was eleven. This was at that moment most popular slovenian computer Partner by Iskra Delta (CP/M, Z80). It was interesting, but when my friend got ZX Spectrum 48 I became totally obsessed. I got my own few months later (Spectrum +) and at first I was only playing games (mostly adventures) but soon games became boring. I started with programming in BASIC and tried assembler, but somehow I didn't figured it out. When I was thirteen I bought Commodore 64. This time I had to learn assembler because BASIC was way to slow for game development. I made few simple games and sold computer.

Afterwards I bought Atari 520ST and programming has become real fun. GFA Basic was fast and powerful, but there were just too many great games for this machine and sadly I spent most of my time playing games.

Later I gave up computers and devote my life to study and music. At the age of twenty I got my first PC: 386DX/40 and after few months of playing RPGs I finally installed Turbo Pascal 7.0, my no.1 development environment for next three years. I wanted to become a game developer but then I realized that even if I spent a lot of time with computers, studied computer science... I was total newbie.

I begin to read books, tutorials and magazines... about game development. In the mean time I was working on various games, demos and utilities. My first products were poor quality, but after few years I was really satisfied with my results. I sent my best games to main slovenian computer magazines and I was really proud when they were published.

After my study I had to find a real job. I got my first one in Iskra SYSEN, Ljubljana (power industry), I was working on a few projects for slovenian and thai industry (SCADA). In my free time I was still developing games, switched from pascal to C, changed few development environment until I found Microsoft Visual Studio, which is still my favorite IDE.

I switched job each year, because I wanted to explore different areas of software development:
- Miga, d.o.o: widgets for EliteNT CAD (HAN, Austria),
- Iskra SYSEN: various graphics tools for AVL, Austria,
- MIT, d.o.o: business information system,
- Qualitas: internet applications.

I finally settled in Iskra Sistemi, where I am developing various applications and tools in java (JBuilder) and C++ (KDevelop).

In my spare time I'm focusing mostly on games - playing and creating. I'm prefer using free tools such as Microsoft XNA and Microsoft C#/C++ express, Blender, GIMP, TerraGEN...