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 The Golden Voyage

 Text adventure Adventure International, 1984 

 The Hill

 Strategy game A.P. Morris, 1985 

 The Lost Spellmaker

 Text adventure Neil James Brown, 1997 

 The Lost Tombs of Ornak

 Text adventure Marianne van Loenen, 1986 

 The Maze

 Maze game ???, ??? 

 The Mind Electric

 Text adventure Jason Dyer, 1995 

 The Nowotnik Puzzle

 Puzzle game David Nowotnik, 1985 

 The Quest

 Adventure game M. V. Mitchell, 1988 

 The QL Forum Adventure

 Adventure-RPG David Denham, 2017 

 The Snake

 Action game Graham Calladine, 1985 

 The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle

 Text adventure Adventure International, 1984 

 The Towers of Hanoi

 Puzzle game Shirley Jane Butler, 1985 

 The Voyage of the Beano

 Text adventure Alan Pemberton, 1990 

 The Wall

 Puzzle game Wolfgang Lenerz, 2016 

 The X-Child

 Text adventure Jesse Burneko, 1998 


 Memory game ???, 1991 

 Time Killer #1: Claustrophobia

 Text adventure Sam Hulick, 1995 

 Tower of Brahma

 Puzzle game Richard Hartill, 1985 

 Towers of Hanoi

 Puzzle game Paul Kennedy, 1986 

 Towering Inferno

 Action game Philip S. Newby, 1985 


 Text adventure Tod Levi, 2000 

 Treasure Hunt

 Text adventure Sinclair Research Ltd., 1985 

 TRON Light Cycles

 Action game Martin Neuss, 2010 


 Adventure-RPG Phillippe Laurent, 1985 

 Tube Trouble

 Text adventure Richard Tucker, 1995 


 Action game ???, ??? 


 Strategy game Ian Bell, 1999 

 Ultimate Snake

 Action game Alan Pywell, ??? 

 Underground Adventure

 Text adventure Marianne van Loenen, ??? 

 Vicious Viper

 Action game I. Humpreys, 1988 

 Voodoo Castle

 Text adventure Adventure International, 1984 

 Warehouse Sam

 Puzzle game S.M. Bourne, 1992 

 Wearing the Claw

 Text adventure Paul O'Brian, 1996 

 Wedgie Chess

 Board game R. D. Lorenz, 1984 

 Werewolves and Wanderer

 Adventure-RPG Michael L. Jackson, 1985 


 Action game K. H. Schäfer, 2019 

 Westward-Ho! 1847

 Adventure game David H. Ahl, 1986 

 Wild West

 Action game Fraser Harkins, ??? 


 Action game Salvador Merino, 1993 


 Action-adventure Mr. Morningstar, 1985 


 Word game Quantum Soft, 1985 


 Educational game Dilwyn Jones, 2010 


 Word game ???, ??? 


 Action game Nick Ward, 1987 

 Wreck Dive

 Action-adventure Nick Ward, 1985 


 Dice game ???, ??? 


 Dice game ???, ??? 

 Ye Classical-Type Adventur

 Text adventure Alan Pemberton, 1986 


 Action game Lee Miles, 1987 


 Text adventure Solar-Software, 1985 

 Zork I: The Great Underground Empire

 Text adventure Infocom, 1982 

 Zork II - The Wizard of Frobozz

 Text adventure Infocom, 1982 

 Zork III - The Dungeon Master

 Text adventure Infocom, 1983 

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