Your goal in this game is to remove more orbs from the board than computer opponent. You always have the initial turn, but if both players have equal number of orbs removed, you lose.

At the start of your turn, you can select red, green or blue orb with left mouse button. You can link selected orb with nearby orb by clicking on it, but only if:

- selected orb is red and nearby orb is green or
- selected orb is green and nearby orb is blue or
- selected orb is blue and nearby orb is red.

Color of mouse cursor indicates color of nearby orb that can be linke. You can also unlink the orbs if you click on the orb in the chain.

When there is no orbs that can be added to the chain, orbs in the chain are removed. This completes your turn and it is time for computer opponent to make its move. When there are no linkable orbs available on the board, they are auto-removed until the board is empyt. If you collected more orbs than your opponent, you win the game and can play at the next stage.

Bar at the top displayes the number of removed orbs for both players. If you have removed more orbs than your opponent, it is green, otherwise red. Exact number of removed orbs is displayed when you move mouse cursor over the bar.