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 Quiz game Altron, 1994 

 Little Master: Likebahn no Densetsu

 Strategy game Tokuma Shoten, 1991 

 Little Master 2: Raikou no Kishi

 Strategy game Tokuma Shoten, 1992 

 Lock 'N' Chase

 Action game Data East, 1990 

 Lode Runner: Domudomu Dan no Yabouc

 Action-puzzle game XING Entertainment, 2000 


 Action-puzzle game Mindscape, 1991 

 Luca no Puzzle de Daibouken!

 Puzzle game Human Entertainment, 1999 


 Action-puzzle game Vic Tokai, 1994 

 Lunar Lander

 Action game Pack-In-Video, 1990 

 Madden 95

 Sports game Malibu Games, 1994 

 Madden 96

 Sports game Black Pearl Software, 1995 

 Madden 97

 Sports game Black Pearl Software, 1996 

 Madden NFL 2000

 Sports game Electronic Arts, 1999 

 Magic Ball

 Action-puzzle game Gowin, 1993 

 Magic Maze

 Action-puzzle game Commin, 1993 

 Magical Tower

 Action game Sachen, 1993 

 Mahjong Joou

 Board game Warashi, 2000 

 Mahjong Quest

 Board game J-Wing, 1998 

 Malibu Beach Volleyball

 Sports game Activision, 1990 

 Marble Madness

 Action game Mindscape, 1991 

 Marie no Atelier GB

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 2000 

 Mario's Picross

 Puzzle game Nintendo Ltd., 1995 

 Mario's Picross 2

 Puzzle game Nintendo Ltd., 1996 

 Marmalade Boy

 Simulation game Bandai, 1995 

 Maru's Mission

 Action-adventure Jaleco, 1991 

 Mary-Kate and Ashley: Get A Clue!

 Action-puzzle game Acclaim, 2000 

 Masakari Densetsu: Kintarou Action-Hen

 Action-adventure Tonkin House, 1992 

 Masakari Densetsu: Kintaro RPG-Hen

 Action-adventure Tonkin House, 1994 

 Maya the Bee and her Friends

 Action-adventure Acclaim, 1999 

 Medarot: Kabuto Version

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 1997 

 Medarot: Kuwagata Version

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 1997 

 Medarot: Parts Collection

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 1998 

 Medarot: Parts Collection 2

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 1998 

 Medarot 2: Kabuto Version

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 1999 

 Medarot 2: Kuwagata Version

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 1999 

 Medarot 2: Parts Collection

 Adventure-RPG Imagineer, 1999 


 Puzzle game Takara, 1991 

 Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible

 Adventure-RPG Atlus, 1992 

 Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible II

 Adventure-RPG Atlus, 1993 

 Meitantei Conan: Chika Yuuenchi...

 Adventure game Bandai, 1996 

 Meitantei Conan: Giwaku no Gouka...

 Adventure game Bandai, 1998 

 Meitantei Conan: Karakuri Jin Satsujin...

 Adventure game Bandai, 2000 

 Meitantei Conan: Kigantou Hihou...

 Adventure game Bandai, 2000 

 Meitantei Conan: Norowareta Kouro

 Adventure game Bandai, 2001 

 Metal Masters

 Fighting game Electro Brain, 1993 

 Mickey Mouse: Magic Wands!

 Action-adventure Nintendo Ltd., 1993 

 Mickey's Dangerous Chase

 Action-adventure Capcom, 1991 

 Mickey's Ultimate Challenge

 Action-adventure Hi-Tech Expressions, 1994 

 Micro Machines

 Racing game Ocean Software, 1995 

 Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament

 Racing game Ocean Software, 1996 

 Midori no Makibao

 Action game Tomy, 1996 

 Milon's Secret Castle

 Action-adventure Hudson Soft, 1993 

 Miner 2049er

 Action game Mindscape, 1992 


 Puzzle game Pack-In-Video, 1991 

 Miracle Adventure of Esparks

 Action-adventure Tomy, 1992 

 Missile Command

 Shooting game Accolade, 1992 

 Mogura de Pon!

 Action game Athena, 1994 

 Money Idol Exchanger

 Puzzle game Athena, 1997 

 Monkey Puncher

 Simulation game Event Evolution, 2000 


 Board game Parker Brothers, 1991 

 Monster Maker

 Adventure-RPG SOFEL, 1990 

 Monster Maker 2: Uru no Hiten

 Adventure-RPG SOFEL, 1993 

 Monster Max

 Action-adventure Titus Software, 1994 

 Monster Race

 Adventure-RPG Koei, 1998 

 Monster Race 2

 Adventure-RPG Koei, 1999 

 Monster Race Okawari

 Adventure-RPG Koei, 1998 

 Montezuma's Return

 Action-puzzle game Take-Two Interactive, 1998 

 Mortal Kombat

 Fighting game Acclaim, 1993 

 Mortal Kombat II

 Fighting game Acclaim, 1994 

 Mortal Kombat III

 Fighting game Williams, 1995 

 Mortal Kombat 4

 Fighting game Midway, 1999 

 Motoko no Ken

 Action-adventure ???, ??? 

 Mr. Chin's Gourmet Paradise

 Action game Romstar, 1990 

 Mr. Do!

 Action game Ocean Software, 1993 

 Ms. Pac-Man

 Action game Namco Ltd., 1994 


 Adventure-RPG Asmik, 1991 

 Nakayoshi Pet Series 1

 Simulation game MTO, 2000 

 Nakayoshi Pet Series 2

 Simulation game MTO, 2000 

 Namco Classic

 Sports game Namco Ltd., 1991 

 Namco Gallery vol. 1

 Various games Namco Ltd., 1996 

 Namco Gallery vol. 2

 Various games Namco Ltd., 1996 

 Namco Gallery vol. 3

 Various games Namco Ltd., 1997 

 Navy Blue 90

 Strategy game Use Co., Ltd., 1990 

 Navy Blue 98

 Strategy game Use Co., Ltd., 1998 

 Navy Seals

 Action-adventure Ocean Software, 1991 

 NBA 3 on 3 featuring Kobe Bryant

 Sports game Nintendo Ltd., 1999 

 NBA Jam

 Sports game Acclaim, 1994 

 NBA Jam '99

 Sports game Acclaim, 1998 

 NBA Jam Tournament Edition

 Sports game Acclaim, 1995 

 Nekojara Monogatari

 Adventure-RPG Kemco, 1990 


 Shooting game Konami, 1990 

 Nemesis II

 Shooting game Konami, 1991 

 NFL Blitz

 Sports game Midway, 1998 

 NFL Football

 Sports game Konami, 1990 

 NFL Quarterback Challenge

 Sports game LJN, 1995 

 NFL Quarterback Club

 Sports game Acclaim, 1995 

 NFL Quarterback Club 96

 Sports game Acclaim, 1995 

 Nichibutsu Mahjong: Yoshimoto Gekijou

 Board game Nichibutsu, 1994 

 Ninja Gaiden Shadow

 Action-adventure Tecmo, 1991 

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