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 10-Pin Bowling

 Sports game Majesco, 1999 

 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue

 Action-adventure Activision, 2000 


 Shooting game Capcom, 2000 

 3D Pocket Pool

 Sports game Virgin Interactive, 2001 

 3D Ultra Pinball: Thrillride

 Pinball simulator Sierra On-Line, 2000 


 Action game Midway, 1999 

 A Bug's Life

 Action-adventure THQ, 1998 


 Action-adventure Ubisoft, 2000 

 Alfred's Adventure

 Action-adventure SCi, 2000 

 Aliens: Thanatos Encounter

 Action-adventure THQ, 2001 

 All Star Tennis 2000

 Sports game Ubisoft, 1999 

 All-Star Baseball 2000

 Sports game Acclaim, 1999 

 All-Star Baseball 2001

 Sports game Acclaim, 2000 

 Amingo's Wild Journey

 Puzzle game Joseph Norman, 2000 

 Animal Breeder 3

 Simulation game J-Wing, 1999 

 Animal Breeder 4

 Simulation game J-Wing, 2001 

 Animastar GB

 Simulation game Media Factory, 2001 


 Adventure-RPG Ubisoft, 2000 


 Action-adventure Infogrames, 1999 


 Simulation game Tamsoft, 1999 

 Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel

 Adventure-RPG Compile, 2000 

 Army Men

 Action game 3DO, 1999 

 Army Men 2

 Action game 3DO, 2000 

 Army Men: Air Combat

 Action game 3DO, 2000 

 Arthur's Absolutely Fun Day!

 Educational game The Learning Company, 2000 

 Asterix & Obelix

 Action-adventure Infogrames, 1999 

 Asterix: Search for Dogmatix

 Action-adventure Infogrames, 2000 


 Shooting game Activision, 1999 

 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

 Action-adventure THQ, 2001 

 Azure Dreams

 Adventure-RPG Konami, 2000 

 B-Daman Bakugaiden: Victory e no Michi

 Adventure-RPG Media Factory, 1999 

 B-Daman Bakugaiden V: Final Mega Tune

 Adventure-RPG Media Factory, 2000 

 Babe and Friends

 Adventure game Crave Entertainment, 1999 


 Board game Altron, 1999 


 Action game Tomasz Slanina, 1999 


 Action-puzzle game Infogrames, 2000 

 Balloon Balloon

 Action game ???, ??? 

 Balloon Fight GB

 Action game Nintendo Ltd., 2000 

 Barbie: Fashion Pack Games

 Various games Mattel Interactive, 2000 

 Barbie: Magic Genie Adventure

 Action-adventure Mattel Interactive, 2000 

 Barbie: Ocean Discovery

 Action-adventure Mattel Interactive, 1999 

 Barbie: Pet Rescue

 Action-adventure Mattel Interactive, 2001 

 Bass Masters Classic

 Sports game THQ, 1999 


 Strategy game Pack-In-Video, 1992 


 Shooting game 3DO, 2000 

 Bear in the Big Blue House

 Educational game Ubisoft, 2001 

 Beatmania GB

 Action game Konami, 1999 

 Beatmania GB2: GotchaMix

 Action game Konami, 1999 

 Beatmania GB: GotchaMix 2

 Action game Konami, 2000 

 Beauty and the Beast

 Board game Nintendo Ltd., 1999 

 Benjamin Blümchen

 Action-adventure KIDDINX Entertainment, 2001 


 Action game Aleksi Eeben, 2001 

 Bikkuriman 2000: Charging Card GB

 Strategy game Imagineer, 2000 

 Binary Chaos

 Action-puzzle game Stoic Software, 2001 

 Black Bass: Lure Fishing

 Fishing simulation Hot-B, 1999 


 Action-adventure Activision, 2000 

 Blaster Master: Enemy Below

 Action-adventure Sunsoft, 2000 

 Blue's Clues: Blue's Alphabet Book

 Educational game Mattel Interactive, 2001 

 Bob the Builder: Fix It Fun!

 Educational game THQ, 2000 

 Boku no Camp Jou

 Strategy game Naxat Soft, 2000 

 Bomberman Max: Blue Champion

 Action game Hudson Soft, 2000 

 Bomberman Max: Red Challenger

 Action game Hudson Soft, 2000 

 Bomberman Quest

 Adventure-RPG Hudson Soft, 1998 

 Boulder Dash DX

 Action game Darkfader, 2000 

 Brave Saga Shinshou Astaria

 Adventure-RPG Takara, 2001 


 Action game Stephane Hockenhull, 2000 

 Burger Burger Pocket

 Board game Gaps Inc., 1999 

 Burger Paradise International

 Strategy game Gaps Inc., 2000 

 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command

 Action-adventure Activision, 2000 

 Caesar's Palace II

 Gambling game Interplay, 1999 

 Cardcaptor Sakura: Itsumo Sakura-chan...

 Adventure game M2TO, 1999 

 Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoeda Shouga...

 Sports game M2TO, 2000 

 Carl Lewis Athletics 2000

 Sports game Ubisoft, 2000 


 Action game Titus, 2000 


 Action-adventure Interplay, 2000 

 Catz: Your virtual Petz Palz

 Simulation game Mindscape, 1999 


 Action game Majesco, 1998 

 Chicken Run

 Puzzle game THQ, 2000 

 Chase H.Q.: Secret Police

 Racing game Metro3D, 2000 


 Board game Altron, 1998 

 Chee-Chai Alien

 Action game Creatures, Inc., 2001 

 Chibi Maruko Chan

 Board game Epoch, 2001 

 Chuckie Egg

 Action game Hive, 2001 

 Chunk Out!

 Puzzle game James Todd, 1999 

 Coffee Drop

 Puzzle game R.H. Gough, 1999 

 Columns GB: Tezuka Ozamu Characters

 Action-puzzle game Media Factory, 1999 

 Commander Keen

 Action-adventure Activision, 2001 

 Conker's Pocket Tales

 Action-adventure Nintendo Ltd., 1999 

 Cool Bricks

 Action game Sales Curve, 1999 

 Crazy Zone

 Shooting game Sam Blanchard, 1999 


 Action-adventure THQ, 2000 

 Croc 2

 Action-adventure THQ, 2001 

 Cross Hunter: Monster Hunter Version

 Adventure-RPG Game Village, 2001 

 Cross Hunter: Treasure Hunter Version

 Adventure-RPG Game Village, 2001 

 Cross Hunter: X Hunter Version

 Adventure-RPG Game Village, 2001 

 Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

 Adventure-RPG Gowin, 2002 

 Cube Raider

 Puzzle game Black Thunder, 2000 


 Sports game Electronic Arts, 2000 

 Cyborg Kuro-chan: Devil Fukkatsu

 Action game Konami, 2000 

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