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 Harry Fox MSX Special

 Adventure game Micro Cabin, 1986 

 Harry Fox: Yuki no Maou Hen

 Adventure game Micro Cabin, 1985 

 Haunted House

 Action-puzzle game Eurosoft, 1988 

 Head over Heels

 Action-adventure Ocean Software, 1987 

 Heart Stealer 2

 Action game Timmy, 2021 

 Heavy Boxing

 Sports game HAL Laboratory, 1983 

 Heli Tank

 Shooting game ASCII Corp., 1983 


 Shooting game P.I.S.C.., 1987 


 Maze game Infogrames, 1984 

 Here and There with the Mr. Men

 Educational game Mirrorsoft Ltd., 1985 

 Heroes Arena

 Action game Imanok, 2010 

 Heroes of the Lance

 Adventure-RPG Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1991 


 Shooting game Tecno Soft, 1988 

 Het verlaten Kerkhof

 Action game MSX Gids, 1986 


 Strategy game Xain Soft, 1989 

 Higemaru Makai Shima

 Action-adventure Capcom, 1987 

 High School! Kimengumi

 Adventure game Pony Canyon, 1988 

 High Way Star

 Racing game Way Limit, 1983 

 Highway Encounter

 Action game Vortex Software, 1985 


 Shooting game Konami, 1987 

 Hiper Tronic

 Shooting game A.G.D., 1987 


 Board game Micro Cabin, 1985 

 Hole in One

 Sports game HAL Laboratory, 1984 

 Hole in One Professional

 Sports game HAL Laboratory, 1985 

 Hole in One Special

 Sports game HAL Laboratory, 1987 

 Hollywood Hijinx

 Text adventure Infocom, 1986 


 Action game Aackosoft, 1986 


 Action game Infogrames, 1990 

 Hot Shoe

 Action game Eclipse Software, 1984 

 Howard: The Duck

 Action-adventure Activision, 1986 

 Hudson 3D Golf

 Sports game Hudson Soft, 1984 


 Action-adventure ???, ??? 


 Action game Ocean Software, 1985 


 Action-adventure Dinamic Soft, 1988 

 Hustle! Chumy

 Action game Paxon, 1983 


 Adventure-RPG T&E Soft, 1985 

 Hydlide - MSX2

 Adventure-RPG T&E Soft, 1985 

 Hydlide II: Shine of Darkness

 Adventure-RPG T&E Soft, 1986 

 Hydlide III: The Space Memories

 Adventure-RPG T&E Soft, 1987 

 Hyeongjae-ui Moheom: Brother Adventure

 Action-adventure Zemina, 1987 

 Hyper Blust

 Shooting game Soft Pro International, 1985 

 Hyper Olympic 1

 Sports game Konami, 1984 

 Hyper Olympic 2

 Sports game Konami, 1984 

 Hyper Rally

 Racing game Konami, 1985 

 Hyper Sports 1

 Sports game Konami, 1984 

 Hyper Sports 2

 Sports game Konami, 1984 

 Hyper Sports 3

 Sports game Konami, 1985 


 Shooting game Dro Soft, 1989 

 I Need Speed

 Racing game CEZ Game Studio, 2008 


 Shooting game Andrea Rossetti, 2006 


 Action game The Bytebusters, 1986 

 Ice Breaker

 Action game Erbe Software, 1990 

 Ice World

 Action-puzzle game Casio, 1985 

 Icicle Works

 Action game State Soft, 1984 

 Ide Yousuke Meijin no Jissen Mahjong

 Board game Pack In Video, 1988 


 Flight simulation Peopleware, 1988 

 Iga Ninpouten 1

 Action-adventure Casio, 1985 

 Iga Ninpouten 2

 Action-adventure Casio, 1986 

 Ikari Warriors

 Shooting game SNK Corp., 1987 


 Action-puzzle game Infogrames, 1985 


 Action-adventure Double Brain!, 1987 

 Indian no Bouken

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1983 

 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

 Action-adventure U.S. Gold, 1989 

 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

 Action-adventure U.S. Gold, 1987 


 Adventure game Office Pasta, 1992 

 Indy 500

 Maze game Methodic Solutions, 1987 

 Indy 555

 Maze game Editora Aleph, 1986 

 Infernal Miner

 Action game Loriciels, 1985 


 Action-adventure Aetherbyte, 2013 


 Gambling game Experience Soft, 1991 

 International Karate

 Fighting game Endurance Games, 1986 


 Shooting game Livewire, 1985 


 Strategy game Mastertronic, 1987 


 Maze game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Iron of the War

 Shooting game Mind Games, Espana S.A., 1986 

 Iron Star

 Shooting game Paulo Larini, 1986 

 Ishido: The Way of Stones

 Board game ASCII Corp., 1990 

 Isseki Ni Kakeru Seishyuun

 Board game Log, 1988 

 Issunhoushi no Donnamondai

 Action game Casio, 1987 

 Italian Stallion

 Sports game Impulse9, 2007 

 J.P. Winkle

 Action-adventure ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Ja Pong

 Action game Dioniso, 2005 


 Adventure game Uninteresting, 2020 


 Text adventure Aventuras A.D., 1989 

 Jack Nicklaus Golf

 Sports game Accolade, 1990 

 Jack the Nipper

 Action-adventure Gremlin Graphics, 1986 

 Jack the Nipper II: In Coconut Capers

 Action-adventure Gremlin Graphics, 1987 


 Adventure-RPG Hudson Soft, 1987 

 Jake in the Caves

 Action-adventure S.V.L. Software, 1986 


 Board game ASCII Corp., 1985 

 Jawbreaker II

 Action game Maggoo, 2014 


 Action game Erbe Software, 1986 

 Je Compte!

 Educational game Nice Ideas, 1985 

 Jesus: Kyofu no Bio-Monster

 Adventure game Enix, 1987 

 Jet Bomber

 Shooting game Aackosoft, 1986 

 Jet Set Willy

 Action-adventure Software Projects, 1985 

 Jet Set Willy 2

 Action-adventure Software Projects, 1985 

 Jetalf Strikes Back

 Action-adventure Els, 1985 

 Jigsaw Set

 Puzzle game MIA, 1983 

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