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 Jesus: Kyofu no Bio-Monster

 Adventure game Enix, 1987 

 Jet Bomber

 Shooting game Aackosoft, 1986 

 Jet Set Willy

 Action-adventure Software Projects, 1985 

 Jet Set Willy 2

 Action-adventure Software Projects, 1985 

 Jetalf Strikes Back

 Action-adventure Els, 1985 

 Jigsaw Set

 Puzzle game MIA, 1983 

 Jimmy Quest

 Action game Hebdogiciel 72, 1985 

 JINJ2 Belmontes Revenge

 Action-adventure Retroworks, 2012 

 Jissen 4-nin Mahjong

 Board game Sony Corp., 1984 

 Joe Blade

 Action game Players, 1989 


 Adventure-RPG Xain Soft, 1988 

 Juega... Pero Segur

 Educational game OMK Software, 1989 


 Action game Wolfgang Well, 1987 


 Action game ASCII Corp., 1985 

 Jump Coaster

 Action game Nippon Columbia, 1984 

 Jump Jet

 Flight simulation Anirog Software, 1985 

 Jump Land

 Action game Colpax, 1985 

 Jumpin' Jack

 Action game Livewire Software, 1986 

 JumpinG: The Tutorial Game

 Action-adventure Dimension Z, 2011 

 Jumping Rabbitt

 Action game MIA, 1984 

 Juno First

 Shooting game Sony Corp., 1983 

 Jyan Friend

 Board game Taito, 1984 


 Board game Hudson Soft, 1984 


 Board game Sony Corp., 1986 

 Jyanyuu Mah-Jong

 Board game Techno Soft, 1987 

 Kaeru Shooter

 Shooting game Hudson Soft, 1984 

 Kage no Densetsu

 Action-adventure Taito, 1986 

 Kaigan Monogatari

 Shooting game Komeya, ??? 


 Adventure-RPG ???, ??? 


 Educational game HAL Laboratory, 1984 

 Karuizawa Yukai Annai

 Adventure game Enix, 1986 

 Keiji Daida Geki

 Adventure game Family Soft, 1987 

 Kenpelen Chess

 Board game Pony Canyon, 1988 

 Keystone Kapers

 Action game Pony Canyon, 1984 


 Action-adventure System 4, 1989 

 Kick It!

 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1987 

 KiKi Kai Kai

 Action-adventure Sony Corp., 1987 

 Kill Mice

 Action-adventure Andrea Gasparrini, 2011 

 Killer Station

 Shooting game Hudson Soft, 1983 

 King & Balloon

 Shooting game Namco Ltd., 1984 

 King's Knight

 Shooting game Square Ltd., 1986 

 King's Valley

 Action-puzzle game Konami, 1985 

 King's Valley II: The Seal of El Giza

 Action-puzzle game Konami, 1988 


 Board game Sony Corp., 1987 


 Board game Micro Cabin, 1986 


 Action-puzzle game Aproman, 1988 


 Action-puzzle game Domark, 1990 

 Knight Lore

 Action-adventure Ultimate Play The Game, 1985 

 Knight Orc

 Text adventure Level 9 Computing, 1987 


 Shooting game Konami, 1986 

 Knightmare II: The Maze of Galious

 Action-adventure Konami, 1987 

 Knither Special

 Action-puzzle game Dempa Shinbunsha, 1987 


 Sports game Alligata, 1985 

 Knuckle Joe

 Action game Taito, 1989 

 Konami's Baseball

 Sports game Konami, 1984 

 Konami's Boxing

 Sports game Konami, 19854 

 Konami's Golf

 Sports game Konami, 1985 

 Konami's Mahjong Dojo

 Board game Konami, 1984 

 Konami's Ping Pong

 Sports game Konami, 1985 

 Konami's Soccer

 Sports game Konami, 1985 

 Konami's Tennis

 Sports game Konami, 1984 

 Koneko no Daibouken

 Action-adventure Casio, 1986 

 Koronis Rift

 Strategy game Lucas Games, 1986 


 Action game Gremlin Graphics, 1987 

 Kralizec 8K Tetris

 Action-puzzle game Kralizec, 2004 

 Kralizec Battle Tetris

 Action-puzzle game Kralizec, 2004 


 Shooting game Manhattan Transfer, 1986 


 Action game Kuma Computers, 1985 

 Kudokikata Oshiemasu

 Adventure game Hard, 1988 

 Kudokikata Oshiemasu II: Kind Gals

 Adventure game Hard, 1988 

 Kujaku Ou

 Adventure game Pony Canyon, 1988 

 Kung-Fu Master

 Fighting game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Kung-Fu Taigun

 Action game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1984 


 Action-puzzle game Screen Software, 1990 

 La Corona Encantada

 Action-adventure Karoshi Corporation, 2008 

 La Geste d'Artillac

 Adventure-RPG Infogrames, 1985 

 La Isla del Tesoro

 Text adventure Philips, 1986 


 Action game Cleversoft, 1987 


 Action-adventure Pack In Video, 1987 

 Ladder Building

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Lady Safari

 Action game OMK Software, 1988 

 Laptic 2

 Action game DB-Soft, 1985 


 Shooting game T&E Soft, 1986 

 Lazer Bykes

 Action game Personal Software Services, 1985 

 Lazy Jones

 Action game Terminal Software, 1985 

 Le Mans

 Racing game Electric Software Ltd., 1984 

 Le Mans 2

 Racing game Electric Software Ltd., 1985 

 Legendly Knight

 Action game Topia, 1988 


 Shooting game Tetsuro Someya, 1988 


 Action game Mind Games, Espana S.A., 1986 


 Action-puzzle game Triple Soft, 1995 

 Les Flics

 Action game P.S.S., 1985 


 Action game CD Systems, 1985 


 Action-adventure Proein Soft Line, 1989 

 License to Kill

 Action game Domark, 1989 

 Life in the Fast Lane

 Action game Methodic Solutions, 1987 

 Lilo: La Conquista De La Fama

 Adventure game Kai Magazine, 1995 


 Action game Raketto & Co & Ax-Alex, 1991 


 Puzzle game Wim Dewijngaert, 2018 

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