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 Final Potential

 Shooting game Kouji Aoki, 1990 

 Final War

 Board game Alfredo Delgado, 1988 

 Final Zone Wolf

 Shooting game Telenet Japan, 1986 

 Finders Keepers

 Action-adventure Mastertronic, 1986 

 Fire Rescue

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1984 

 Fire Star

 Shooting game Barnajocs, 1986 


 Shooting game Players, 1987 

 Flappy Limited

 Puzzle game DB-Soft, 1984 

 Flash Gordon

 Action-adventure Mastertronic, 1987 

 Flash Splash

 Shooting game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1984 


 Action-puzzle game Zemina, 1990 


 Action game Micronet, 1983 

 Flight Deck

 Aircraft simulation Aackosoft, 1986 

 Flight Deck II

 Aircraft simulation Aackosoft, 1986 

 Flight Path 737

 Flight simulation Anirog Software, 1985 

 Flight Simulator

 Flight simulation SubLOGIC, 1988 

 Flipper Slipper

 Action game Spectravideo Int Ltd., 1985 

 Football Manager

 Management game Addictive Games, 1985 

 Football Manager: World Cup Edition

 Management game Addictive Games, 1990 

 Foot Volley

 Sports game Players, 1986 

 Footballer of the Year

 Management game Gremlin Games, 1986 

 Forbidden Fruit

 Action game Mind Games, Espana S.A., 1985 

 Formation Z

 Shooting game Jaleco, 1985 

 Formula Dice

 Management game Luca Giglioli, 2008 


 Action game Anma, 1992 


 Action game Advance, 1985 


 Action game Konami, 1983 

 Front Line

 Action game Taito, 1984 

 Fruit Machine

 Gambling game DK'Tronics, 1985 

 Fruit Panic

 Action game Pony Canyon, 1984 

 Fruit Search

 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1983 

 Fruity Frank

 Action game Kuma Computers, 1985 

 Funky Mouse

 Action game Zap Corp., 1984 

 Future Knight

 Action-adventure Gremlin Graphics, 1986 


 Shooting game Namco Ltd., 1984 


 Shooting game Kuma Computers, 1985 


 Shooting game Namco Ltd., 1984 


 Shooting game ???, ??? 

 Gall Force: Defence of Chaos

 Shooting game Sony Corp., 1986 

 Gall Force: Eternal Story

 Adventure game Sony Corp., 1987 


 Shooting game ???, ??? 


 Adventure-RPG Maron Team, 1990 

 Gambler Jikichushinpa

 Board game Game Arts, 1988 

 Gambler Jikichushinpa 2

 Board game Game Arts, 1988 

 Ganbare Goemon! Karakuri Douchuu

 Action-adventure Konami, 1987 

 Gang Man

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1984 

 Gang Master

 Puzzle game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Gangcheol RoboCop

 Action game Siecon, 1992 

 Garbage Man

 Action game AG Software, 2009 

 Gary Lineker's Superstar Soccer

 Sports game Gremlin Graphics, 1987 


 Shooting game Xain Soft, 1987 


 Action-adventure U.S. Gold, 1986 

 Gekiso Battle

 Racing game Komeya, 1991 

 Gekitotsu 7 Narabe

 Card game Satico, 1990 

 Gekitotsu Pennant Race

 Sports game Konami, 1988 

 Gekitotsu Pennant Race 2

 Sports game Konami, 1989 

 Gemini Wing

 Shooting game Tecmo, 1989 


 Action game Mind Games, Espana S.A., 1986 

 Ghost Maze

 Action game ???, ??? 


 Action game Pony Canyon, 1984 

 Ghostly Manor

 Text adventure Monosoft, 1985 

 Girly Block

 Action game Telenet Japan, 1988 


 Shooting game MP, 1992 


 Shooting game Quicksilva, 1985 


 Action game Zap Corp., 1985 

 Go Othello. Connect Stones

 Board game Konami, 1989 

 Gojira 3D

 Shooting game Bandai, 1984 

 Gokiburi Daisakusen

 Action game Magic Soft, 1983 


 Gambling game Vivid, 1993 

 Golf Game

 Sports game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Golgo 13 Okami no Su

 Adventure game Pony Canyon, 1986 


 Action game Retroworks, Dimension Z, 2013 

 Gomoku Narabe

 Board game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1984 


 Action-adventure Opera Soft, 1986 

 Goody - MSX2

 Action-adventure Opera Soft, 1988 

 Gorby no Pipeline Daisakusen

 Action-puzzle game Compile, 1991 

 Gorgeous Gemma

 Action-puzzle game Impulse9, 2014 


 Action-puzzle game Toho, 1985 

 GP World

 Racing game Pony Canyon, 1985 


 Shooting game Konami, 1986 

 Gradius II

 Shooting game Konami, 1986 


 Action game Yusuke Miyauchi, 2018 

 Greatest Driver 2D Special

 Racing game T&E Soft, 1988 

 Green Beret

 Action game Konami, 1986 

 Grid Trap

 Action game Livewire, 1985 

 Grid Wars

 Action game Emma Six, 2006 

 Grielís Quest for the Sangraal

 Puzzle game Karoshi Corporation, 2005 


 Shooting game Compile, 1987 

 Guillermo Tell

 Shooting game Opera Soft, 1988 


 Shooting game Sega, 1986 


 Adventure game C.B.C., 1988 

 Gun Fright

 Action-adventure Jaleco, 1986 


 Shooting game Prosoft, 1990 

 Gunjin Shogi

 Strategy game Pack In Video., 1987 

 Gunjin Shogi Gunshin Mars

 Strategy game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1985 

 Guru Logic

 Puzzle game Karoshi Corporation, 2003 

 Guru Logic - MSX2

 Puzzle game TeddyWarez, 2002 

 Gyro Adventure

 Shooting game Colpax, 1984 


 Shooting game Taito, 1986 

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