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 Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax

 Fighting game Palace Software, 1988 

 Barbarian: The Duel

 Fighting game Bitvision Software, 2018 


 Action game Electric Software, 1985 


 Shooting game Namco Ltd., 1990 

 Basaro Attacker

 Shooting game Emutsu no Tomo, 1990 


 Adventure-RPG Xain Soft, 1988 


 Action-adventure Ocean Software, 1987 

 Batten Tanuki no Daibouken

 Action game Tecno Soft, 1985 

 Battle Cross

 Shooting game Sony Corp., 1984 

 Battle for Midway

 Strategy game P.S.S., 1985 

 Battleship Clapton II

 Shooting game T&E Soft, 1983 

 BC's Quest for Tires

 Action game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1985 

 BC's Quest for Tires - Grog's Revenge

 Action game Comptiq, 1985 

 Beach Head

 Shooting game U.S. Gold, 1987 


 Shooting game Pony Canyon, 1984 


 Action game MIA, 1983 

 Bee & Flower

 Action game Raison, 1983 


 Memory game Alfonso D.C., 2006 


 Puzzle game Darkstone, 2006 


 Puzzle game CEZ Game Studio, 2007 

 Beyond - The Gate of Charon

 Shooting game Short Program Island, 1986 

 Beyond 2 - The Moon of Charon

 Shooting game Short Program Island, 1986 


 Space adventure Bandai, 1984 

 Binary Land

 Action-puzzle game Hudson Soft, 1984 


 Action-adventure OXiAB Game Studio, 2015 

 Black Beard

 Action game Erbe Software, 1988 

 Black Jack

 Card game Indescomp, 1984 

 Blade Lords

 Action game Parallax, 1994 


 Action game Alligata, 1986 


 Shooting game MCM Software, 1987 

 Block Hole

 Action-puzzle game Zemina, 1990 

 Blockade Runner

 Shooting game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1984 

 Blusy Shop

 Puzzle game Jordi Sala Clara, 2005 


 Board game Bubble Bus, 1985 

 Boggy '84

 Action game Nippon Columbia, 1984 

 Boing Boing

 Action game Spinnaker Software, 1985 

 Bokosuka Wars

 Strategy game ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Bomb Jack

 Action game Sega, 2004 

 Bomb Jack - MSX2

 Action game Kralizec, 2004 

 Bomb Man

 Action game AG Software, 2005 

 Bomber King

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1988 


 Action game Hudson Soft, 1983 

 Bomberman Special

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1986 


 Action game Quicksilva, 1985 

 Boogie Woogi Jungle

 Action game Ample, 1983 


 Action game ASCII Corp., 1984 


 Adventure-RPG XtalSoft, 1987 


 Shooting game Namco Ltd., 1984 

 Bouken Roman - Dota

 Action-adventure System Soft, 1986 

 Boulder Dash

 Action game Comptiq, 1985 

 Boulder Dash II

 Action game Databyte, 1986 

 Bouncing Block

 Action game Idealogic, S.A., 1985 

 Bousou Tokkyuu SOS

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1984 

 Break In

 Action game Jaleco, 1987 

 Break Out

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1983 


 Action game Volker Becker, 1986 


 Adventure-RPG Jast, 1989 


 Card game Nice Ideas, 1986 

 British Bob

 Action-adventure RELEVO Videogames, 2009 

 Bruce Lee

 Action-adventure Comptiq, 1985 

 Bubble Bobble

 Action game Taito, 1987 


 Action game A.C.G., 1987 

 Bubbo World

 Action game N.I., 2015 

 Buck Rogers

 Shooting game Sega, 1983 


 Action game GW’s Workshop, 2018 

 Buggle Boggle

 Action game Clover, 1990 

 Bumper Ship Racing

 Racing game Uninteresting, 2018 


 Action game Dempa, 1986 

 Burn Us

 Action-puzzle game Carambalan Studios, 2018 

 Buru to Marty Kikiippatsu - Inspecteur Z

 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1986 

 Butamaru Pants

 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1983 

 C So!

 Action game Pony Canyon, 1985 

 C.C.R.: Annex 1, The Algorithm/b>

 Text adventure Daniel González, 2018 

 Cabbage Patch Kids

 Action-adventure Konami, 1984 

 Camelot Warriors

 Action-adventure Dinamic Soft, 1986 

 Can of Worms

 Various games Livewire., 1986 

 Candoo Ninja

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Cannon Ball

 Shooting game Hudson Soft, 1983 

 Cannon Fighter

 Shooting game Policy, 1984 

 Cannon Turbo

 Racing game Clover, 1987 

 Caos Begins

 Action-adventure Hikaru Games, 2007 

 Captain Chef

 Action game Colpax, 1984 

 Captain Cosmo

 Action game Nexa, 1984 

 Car Fighter

 Action game Casio, 1985 

 Car Jamboree

 Action game Sony Corp., 1984 

 Car Race

 Racing game Ample, 1983 

 Card Desu

 Memory game Gappa, 1991 

 Carlos Seinz

 Racing game Zigurat, 1990 


 Action game T.M., ??? 

 Casio Daishogai Keiba

 Gambling game Casio, 1984 

 Casio Worldopen

 Sports game Casio, 1985 

 Castle Excellent

 Action-adventure ASCII Corp., 1986 

 Castle of Blackburn

 Action-adventure Topsoft., 1994 

 Castle Tomb

 Action game AG Software, 2009 

 Cat and Wolf

 Action game Drack Soft, ??? 

 Catch that Girl

 Action game WB-Soft, 1986 

 Caverns of Titan

 Action-adventure JLTurSan, 2005 


 Action-puzzle game SPC Soft, 1991 


 Shooting game Tynesoft, 1986 

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