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 Slot Machine

 Gambling game ???, ??? 

 Smack Wacker

 Action game The Bytebusters, 1986 

 Small Jones

 Action game Visiogame, 1986 

 Snail Maze

 Maze game Karoshi Corporation, 2004 


 Action-puzzle game HAL Laboratory, 1986 

 Snakes and Ladders

 Board game Peter Jess, 1988 


 Action game Freedom Software, 1985 


 Text adventure Level 9 Computing, 1984 


 Action-adventure Dempa Shinbunsha, 1987 


 Puzzle game ???, ??? 

 Soldier of Light

 Action game Dro Soft, 1989 

 Solid Snail

 Action-adventure Vivid, 1994 


 Shooting game Opera Soft, 1989 


 Action-adventure Virgin Games, 1985 


 Puzzle game ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Soukoban Pocket Edition

 Puzzle game Karoshi Corporation, 2004 

 Soul of a Robot

 Action-adventure Mastertronic, 1987 


 Adventure-RPG Nemesis Informatica, 1985 

 Space Busters

 Shooting game Aackosoft, 1985 

 Space Camp

 Action game Pack In Video, 1986 

 Space Crussader

 Space simulator Germán Gómez Herrera, 2005 

 Space Force

 Action-adventure ???, ??? 

 Space Invader

 Shooting game Taito, 1985 

 Space Maze Attack

 Shooting game HAL Laboratory, 1983 

 Space Trouble

 Shooting game HAL Laboratory, 1984 


 Shooting game Konami, 1983 

 Speed King

 Racing game Mastertronic, 1986 

 Speedboat Racer

 Action game The Bytebusters, 1987 


 Action game Irem, 1986 

 Spirit Power

 Shooting game Makottoto, 1990 


 Action-adventure Erbe Software, 1987 

 Spitfire '40

 Flight simulation Mirrorsoft Ltd., 1986 


 Action game Mind Games, Espana S.A., 1986 

 Spooks & Ladders

 Action game Kuma Computers, 1985 

 Square Dancer

 Pinball simulator Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1984 


 Action game Anma, 1991 

 Squish 'Em

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Stan the Dreamer

 Adventure game The Pets Mode, 2013 

 Star Avengers

 Shooting game Kuma Computers, 1984 

 Star Blazer

 Shooting game Sony Corp., 1983 

 Star Command

 Strategy game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Star Fighter

 Shooting game Eaglesoft, 1986 

 Star Force

 Shooting game Hudson Soft, 1985 

 Star Laser

 Shooting game Melody Soft, 1989 

 Star Runner

 Shooting game Manhattan Transfer, 1986 

 Star Soldier

 Shooting game Hudson Soft, 1986 

 Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator

 Action game Sega, 1983 


 Shooting game Erbe Software, 1987 

 Step Up

 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1983 


 Action game ASCII Corp., 1985 

 Steve Davis Snooker

 Sports game CDS Software, 1986 

 Stop Ball

 Action game Dro Soft, 1987 

 Strange Loop

 Action game Jaleco, 1987 

 Strategic Mars

 Shooting game dB-Soft, 1989 


 Action game CEZ Game Studio, 2005 

 Stray Cat

 Action game Imanok, 2009 

 Street Master

 Fighting game Zemina, 1991 

 Strip Poker II+

 Gambling game Anco Software, 1988 


 Action-adventure RELEVO Videogames, 2012 


 Puzzle game dvik & joyrex, 2006 

 Super Billiards

 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1983 

 Super Bionman 1

 Action-adventure Zemina, 1992 

 Super Bionman 4

 Action-adventure Zemina, 1989 

 Super Boy I

 Action-adventure Zemina, 1989 

 Super Boy II

 Action-adventure Zemina, 1989 

 Super Boy III

 Action-adventure Zemina, 1991 

 Super Bubble Bobble

 Action game Zemina, 1988 

 Super Cobra

 Shooting game Konami, 1983 

 Super Columns

 Action-puzzle game Hi-Com, 1990 

 Super Cooks

 Action-adventure Compile, 1989 

 Super Cross Force

 Shooting game Spectravideo Int Ltd., 1983 

 Super Doors

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1983 

 Super Drinker

 Action game Ample Software, 1983 

 Super Golf

 Sports game Sony Corp., 1984 

 Super Laydock: Mission Striker

 Shooting game T&E Soft, 1987 

 Super Lode Runner

 Action game Irem, 1987 

 Super Pachinko

 Parlour game Nippon Columbia, 1985 

 Super Penguin

 Action game Sieco, 1992 

 Super Pierrot

 Action game Hot-B, 1987 

 Super Racer

 Racing game Electra, 1985 

 Super Runner

 Action game Pony Canyon, 1987 

 Super Snake

 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1983 

 Super Soccer

 Sports game Takara, 1985 

 Super Suwanggi

 Action game Clover, 1990 

 Super Tennis

 Sports game Takara, 1984 

 Super Triton

 Adventure-RPG Sein Soft, 1986 


 Action-adventure Sony Corp., 1985 


 Action game Topo Soft, 1987 


 Action game ???, ??? 

 Sweet Acorn

 Action game Taito, 1984 


 Adventure-RPG Jaleco, 1987 


 Shooting game Infogrames, 1985 


 Shooting game Alfonso D.C., 2004 

 Takeru Densetsu

 Action game Brother Kougyou, 1984 

 Tako and Ika

 Action game Ofuko, 1992 

 Tales of Popolon

 Action-adventure Brain Games, 2017 


 Action-adventure Unicornio Soft, 1987 

 Tank Battalion

 Shooting game Namco Ltd., 1984 


 Adventure-RPG Studio Esutoria, ??? 

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