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 Numarin 3: The Private Detective

 Adventure game A.R.E. System, 1992 

 Number Painter

 Action game ASK, 1985 

 Nuts and Milk

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1983 

 Nyancle Racing

 Action game Matsushita, 1988 


 Puzzle game Compile, 1990 


 Action game MIA, 1983 

 O Conde de Monte Cristo

 Text adventure Nemesis Informatica, 1988 

 O'mac Farmer

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1984 


 Action game Melbourne House, 1989 

 Ocean Conqueror

 Simulation game Mastertronic, 1987 

 Octagon Squad

 Strategy game Mastertronic, 1986 


 Strategy game Origin Systems, 1987 

 Oh Mummy!

 Action game Longman Group Ltd., 1984 

 Oh No!

 Action game The Bytebusters, 1985 

 Oil's Well

 Action game Sierra On-Line, 1984 


 Action game Bug-Byte, 1985 

 Open Wide!

 Puzzle game Hakogame, 2021 

 Operation Wolf

 Shooting game Ocean Software, 1988 


 Simulation game Iber Soft, 1988 

 Osamachan Shiohigari

 Action game Sum Soft, 1989 


 Board game Pony Canyon, 1985 

 Ougon no Haka

 Text adventure Magical Zoo, 1984 

 Ouji Binbin Monogatari

 Adventure-RPG East Cube, 1987 

 Ouke no Tani: El Giza no Fuuin

 Action-puzzle game Konami, 1988 

 Out Run

 Racing game U.S. Gold, 1988 

 Out Run - MSX2

 Racing game Pony Canyon, 1988 


 Shooting game Tetsuma Yoshida, 1987 


 Adventure-RPG Magical Zoo, 1985 

 Oyoide Tango

 Educational game HAL Laboratory, 1984 

 Ozvrashcheniye na Zemlyu

 Simulation game A.R. Crazysoft, 1988 


 Action game ARC8, 2021 


 Action game Grandslam Entertainment, 1988 


 Action game Namco Ltd., 1984 


 Action game Grandslam Entertainments, 1988 

 Pac-Mania - MSX2

 Action game Namco Ltd., 1989 


 Action game Bart Corthouts, 1986 


 Action game GbSoft, 1993 

 Pachi Pro Densetsu

 Parlour game HAL Laboratory, 1988 


 Parlour game Toshiba-EMI Ltd., 1985 

 Pachinko U.F.O.

 Parlour game Casio, 1985 

 Pai Panic

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Pair Logic

 Memory game AG Software, 2005 


 Memory game ASCII Corp., 1983 


 Action-puzzle game Hot-B, 1990 

 Panel Panic

 Action game The Bytebusters, 1986 

 Panic Junction

 Action game Morwood Software, 1984 


 Shooting game Irem, 1986 

 Panzer Attack

 Strategy game MC Lothlorien Ltd., 1984 

 Parachuteless Joe

 Action game Paxanga Soft, 2005 


 Racing game Zigurat, 1988 


 Shooting game Konami, 1988 

 Pass Ball

 Sports game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 Passing Shot

 Sports game Image Works, 1988 

 Pasteman Pat

 Action-puzzle game Firebird, 1986 


 Shooting game Pony Canyon, 1984 


 Card game Morwood Software, ??? 

 Pay Load

 Action game Sony Corp., 1985 


 Action-puzzle game Nippon Columbia, 1984 


 Action-adventure Victor Interactive, 1986 

 Pelota Vasca

 Sports game MSX Club, 1986 

 Penguin Adventure

 Action game Konami, 1986 

 Penguin Cafe

 Action game MSX Café, 2006 

 Penguin Mind

 Action game MSX Café, 2007 

 Penguin Race

 Gambling game Alfonso D.C., 2003 

 Penguin-Kun Wars

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1985 

 Penguin-Kun Wars 2

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1988 


 Action-adventure Ultimate Play The Game, 1986 

 Pepe Saltarín

 Action game Genesis Soft, 1986 

 Perfect Soukoban

 Puzzle game Micro Cabin, 1989 

 Perico Delgado Maillot Amarillo

 Sports game Erbe Software, 1989 

 Perry Mason: The Case of the Mandarin...

 Text adventure Philips, 1986 

 Pico Pico

 Puzzle game Micro Cabin, 1983 

 Picture Puzzle

 Puzzle game HAL Laboratory, 1983 

 Picture Puzzle!

 Puzzle game Karoshi Corporation, 2004 

 Pinball Blaster

 Pinball simulator Eurosoft, 1988 

 Pine Applin

 Action game Zap Corp., 1984 

 Pink Panther

 Action game Dro Soft, 1988 


 Action game Volker Becker, 1985 


 Action game Jaleco, 1984 

 Pippo la scopa ficcanaso

 Action game Gamecast Entertainment, 2021 


 Shooting game Konami, 1985 


 Action-puzzle game Under4Mhz, 2021 

 PitMan 2

 Action game Laurent Itti, 1985 


 Action-adventure Pony Canyon, 1984 

 Pitfall II: Lost Caverns

 Action-adventure Pony Canyon, 1984 

 Planet Earth

 Action game Shouji Ogawa, ??? 


 Sports game Sony Corp., 1986 

 Playboy Strippoker

 Gambling game MSX Club Gouda, 1991 

 Playhouse Strippoker

 Gambling game Eurosoft, 1988 

 Playhouse Strippoker - MSX2

 Gambling game Eurosoft, 1989 


 Action game AG Software, 2009 


 Adventure game Pony Tail Soft, 1989 


 Card game ???, ??? 

 Polar Star

 Shooting game Micro Cabin, 1984 

 Police Academy

 Shooting game The Bytebusters, 1986 

 Police Academy II

 Shooting game Methodic Solutions, 1987 


 Action game Hudson Soft, 1985 

 Pooyan - MSX2

 Action game Gerardin H., ??? 

 Poppaq The Fish

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1984 

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