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 10-Yard Fight

 Sports game Irem, 1984 

 10th Frame

 Sports game U.S. Gold, 1987 


 Action game Mastertronic, 1987 


 Shooting game ASCII Corp., 1986 

 1942 - MSX2

 Shooting game ASCII Corp., 1986 

 3 Square

 Puzzle game Emphasys, 1993 

 3D Golf Simulation

 Sports game T&E Soft, 1984 

 3D Tennis

 Sports game ASCII Corp., 1983 

 4x4 Off-Road Racing

 Racing game U.S. Gold, 1988 


 Action game Nyan, ??? 

 7 Differences

 Puzzle game Jipe of the MSX Café, 2009 

 737 Flight Simulator

 Flight simulation Mirrorsoft, 1985 

 A Life M36 Planet

 Action-adventure Pixel, 1987 

 A-Class Mahjong

 Board game Pony Canyon, 1988 

 A-Ressha de Ikou

 Simulation game Pony Canyon, 1989 


 Shooting game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1983 

 A1 Spirit

 Racing game Konami, 1987 


 Action game Melbourne House, 1989 


 Text adventure Proein Soft Line, 1988 

 Abu Simbel Profanation

 Action-adventure Dinamic Soft, 1985 

 Abunai Chouhan Shoubu

 Gambling game Agom, 1988 

 Ace of Aces

 Shooting game U.S. Gold, 1986 


 Flight simulation SystemSoft, 1988 


 Action game Mass Tael Ltd's, 1984 

 Addicta Ball

 Action game Alligata, 1987 


 Action game Mind Games, Espana S.A., 1987 


 Shooting game Tetsuro Someya, 1987 


 Action-adventure MIA, 1983 

 Adventure Island

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1986 

 Adventure Kid

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1991 

 After Burner

 Shooting game Sega, 1988 


 Shooting game Zigurat, 1988 


 Action game M.M.G. Software, 1988 

 Aguia de Fogo

 Action game Ayrton Haynal Filho, 1986 

 Al Capone

 Action game MSX-Studio, 1987 

 Alcazar - The Forgotten Fortress

 Action-adventure Activision, 1985 

 Ale Hop!

 Action game Erbe Software, 1988 


 Shooting game Compile, 1988 

 Alibaba and 40 thieves

 Action game Sony Corp., 1984 

 Alien 8

 Action-adventure Jaleco, 1986 

 Alien Bounce

 Shooting game Soft Pro International, 1983 

 Alien Syndrome

 Action-adventure Sega, 1988 


 Action-adventure Square Ltd., 1987 

 Alpha Roid

 Shooting game Pony Canyon, 1986 

 Alpha Squadron

 Flight simulation Sony Corp., 1984 

 Alpine Ski

 Sports game Methodic Solutions, 1987 

 Alter Ego

 Action-puzzle game The New Image, 2012 

 Amazing Cash

 Gambling game Experience Soft, 1990 


 Text adventure Philips, 1987 


 Text adventure Luiz F. Moraes, 1989 

 Ame no Hi ha Ooisogashi

 Action game Hudson Soft, 1984 

 American Soccer

 Sports game Nidecom, 1987 

 American Truck

 Action game Telenet Japan, 1985 


 Action game Pony Canyon, 1983 


 Shooting game Hot-B, 1987 


 Action game ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Angelus: Akuma no Fukuin

 Adventure game Enix, 1989 

 Angma Jidae - Devil Zone

 Action game Uttum Soft, 1989 

 Animal Land Satsujin Jiken

 Adventure game Enix, 1987 

 Antarctic Adventure

 Action game Konami, 1984 


 Shooting game Juliet Software, 1987 


 Shooting game ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Aquapolis SOS

 Shooting game Paxon, 1983 


 Shooting game Toshiba EMI Ltd., 1983 


 Adventure-RPG Sein, 1986 

 Arctic - Active Rail Playing

 Action-puzzle game Pony Canyon, 1989 


 Adventure-RPG Wolf Team, 1988 

 Arcus II: Silent Symphony

 Adventure-RPG Wolf Team, 1989 


 Action game Taito, 1986 

 Arkanoid II

 Action game Taito, 1987 

 Arkanoid Revenge

 Action game ???, ??? 


 Sports game Telenet Japan, 1986 

 AshGuine - Densetsu no Seisenshi

 Action-adventure Panasoft, 1987 

 AshGuine Story II: Kokuu no Gajou

 Action-adventure T&E Soft, 1987 

 AshGuine Story III: Fukushuu no Honoo

 Action-adventure Panasoft, 1987 

 Aspar GP Master

 Racing game Dinamic Soft, 1988 

 Astro Plumber

 Action game Blue Ribbon, 1985 

 Athletic Ball

 Action game ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Athletic Land

 Action game Konami, 1984 

 Atom en Madriguera Peligrosa

 Action game ???, 1985 

 Atoms 2

 Board game Jean-Jacques Deplaine, 1989 

 Attack Four VolleyBall

 Sports game Pax Softonica, 1986 

 Attack Mosquiton

 Shooting game Shouji Ogawa, 1986 


 Action game Tynesoft, 1983 

 Back to the Future

 Action-adventure Pony Canyon, 1985 


 Board game Sony Corp., 1984 

 Bad Max

 Text adventure Transoft, 1986 

 Bag Man

 Action game AG Software, 2007 


 Action game AG Software, 2009 


 Action game HAL Laboratory, 1984 

 Balance of Power

 Simulation game ASCII Corp., 1987 

 Ball Out

 Action game Studio FG, 1988 

 Ball Out 2

 Action game Studio FG, 1988 

 Balloon City

 Shooting game AG Software, 2007 


 Text adventure Infocom, 1986 


 Action game ASCII Corp., 1984 

 Banana Worm

 Action game Irgendwen, 1986 

 Bank Panic

 Shooting game Sega, 1986 


 Action-adventure Mastertronic, 1988 

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