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 Action game Jeffrey Daniels, 1996 

 Squish 'Em

 Action game Sirius Software, 1983 

 Star Chaser

 Action game Chris Smith, 1981 

 Star Defence

 Shooting game Kingsoft, 1983 

 Star Falls

 Action game Cascade, 1983 

 Star Trek

 Strategy game Mark Ramshaw, 1982 

 Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator

 Action game Sega, 1983 

 Star Wars

 Shooting game UMI, 1981 

 Star Wars II

 Shooting game Titan, 1982 


 Shooting game Gnomix, 1984 

 Starship Escape

 Action-adventure Sumlock, 1982 

 Stoneville Manor

 Text adventure Creative Software, 1981 

 Strip 'em

 Gambling game Argus Press, 1984 

 Sub Chase

 Shooting game Tigervision, 1983 

 Sub Hunt

 Shooting game Your Computer Magazine, 1983 


 Puzzle game Paul Quirk, 2007 


 Shooting game K-Tel, 1983 

 Super Amok

 Action game UMI, 1983 

 Super Breakout

 Action game Solar Software, 1982 

 Super Hi-Low

 Gambling game ???, ??? 


 Action game Anthony Godshall, 1983 


 Action game ???, ??? 


 Text adventure Craig Bruce, 1984 


 Action game Audiogenic, 1982 

 Sword of Fargoal

 Adventure-RPG Epyx Inc., 1983 

 Sword of Hrakel

 Text adventure Romik Software Ltd., 1983 


 Strategy game Humphrey Walwyn, 2011 

 Tank Atak

 Shooting game Supersoft, 1982 

 Tank Commander

 Shooting game Thorn EMI, 1984 

 Tank Gunner

 Shooting game Commodore Ltd., 1982 

 Tank vs. UFO

 Shooting game Commodore Ltd., 1981 

 Tank War

 Shooting game Rabbit Software, 1983 


 Shooting game Tronic Verlag, 1985 


 Action game Nufekop, 1982 


 Strategy game Romik Software Ltd., 1982 

 Ten Ten

 Puzzle game Jeffrey Daniels, 2009 

 Ten Ten Again

 Puzzle game Jeffrey Daniels, 2010 

 Terminal Invaders

 Shooting game Terminal, 1982 


 Shooting game Creative Software, 1982 


 Action-puzzle game Nino Porcino, 2006 

 Tetris Deluxe

 Action-puzzle game Nino Porcino, 2006 

 The Catch

 Action game Nufekop, 1982 

 The Defenders

 Shooting game ???, ??? 

 The Dungeons

 Adventure-RPG Anirog Software, 1983 

 The Dunjon Master

 Adventure-RPG System IIII, 1983 

 The Farm Game

 Business simulation Compute's Gazette, 1985 

 The Improbable War

 Strategy game Jeffrey Daniels, 2009 

 The Keep

 Adventure game Steve Mccrea, 2011 

 The Lair

 Adventure-RPG Soft Toys, 1982 

 The Night Forest

 Adventure game Your Computer Magazine, 1983 

 The Pharaoh's Treasure

 Adventure game Compute!, 1983 

 The Pick-Up Game

 Board game P.R. Software, 1982 

 The Pit

 Action game Interceptor Software, 1984 

 The Q-bert

 Action game Pyrr-Soft, 1986 

 The Secret of Bastow Manor

 Text adventure Gameworx, 1983 

 The Serpent of Death

 Action game Wayne Green, 1984 

 The Sorcerer and the Princess

 Text adventure Gameworx, 1983 

 The Tomb

 Action game Compute!, 1984 

 The Tomb of Drewan

 Adventure game Audiogenic, 1982 

 The Tower of Evil

 Action game Thorn EMI, 1984 

 The Valley

 Adventure-RPG Argus Press Software, 1982 

 Thin Ice

 Action game Cascade, 1983 

 Thinking Harder

 Puzzle game Compute!, 1982 


 Shooting game Sierra On-Line, 1981 


 Action-adventure Bernd Wiebelt, 1984 

 Thunder Flash

 Shooting game Temptation Software Ltd., 1983 


 Action game Compute!, 1983 


 Board game ???, ??? 

 Time Capsule

 Text adventure Compute!, 1984 

 To the Top

 Action game Kevin Dewey, 1985 


 Action game Kingsoft, 1984 

 Tooth Invaders

 Action game Commodore Ltd., 1983 


 Action game Romox, 1982 


 Action game HesWare, 1982 


 Shooting game Quicksilva, 1982 

 Tower of Terror

 Adventure game Jenny Tyler, 1984 

 Traffic Jam

 Action game ???, ??? 

 Tram Line

 Maze game ???, ??? 


 Action game Creative Software, 1981 


 Action game Nanuq, 1982 


 Shooting game Compute's Gazette, 1984 


 Action game Thomas Wysocki, 1983 

 Tunnel Run

 Action game B.W. van Schooten, 1997 

 Tunnel Run!

 Action game Wayne Green, 1984 


 Shooting game Sirius Software, 1982 

 Turtle Races

 Gambling game Shadow Software, ??? 


 Action-adventure Parker Brothers, 1982 

 Type Attack

 Action game Sirius Software, 1982 

 Typing Derby

 Action game Carlos Esteves, 1984 

 Typo Invaders

 Action game ???, ??? 


 Shooting game Commodore Ltd., 1982 

 UFO Escapers

 Shooting game Brendan R. Jones, 1982 

 Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash

 Adventure-RPG Sierra On-Line, 1983 

 Ultimate Tank

 Action game ???, 1982 

 Ultra Breakout

 Action game Andrew J. Galluchon, ??? 


 Card game Jeffrey Daniels, 2009 


 Action game Mastertronic, 1984 


 Action game Compute!, 1982 

 VIC 21

 Card game Commodore Ltd., 1981 

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