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 Card game ???, ??? 

 3D Maze

 Maze game Mastertronic, 1984 

 3D Silicon Fish

 Action game Chris Stamp, 1984 

 A-B-C Legen

 Puzzle game ???, ??? 


 Shooting game Llamasoft Ltd., 1982 

 Alphabet Zoo

 Educational game Spinnaker Software, 1982 

 AntiISDA Warrior

 Shooting game Ventzislav Tzvetkov, 2004 

 Ape Escape

 Shooting game Spectravideo Int Ltd., 1982 


 Shooting game Arcadia, 1982 


 Shooting game Pulsonic, 1983 


 Shooting game Arcadia, 1982 

 Avoid Meteorites

 Action game ???, ??? 

 Bank Robber

 Action game Commodore Ltd., 1981 


 Shooting game Kingsoft, 1983 

 Black Jack

 Card game ???, ??? 


 Card game Sean & Jack Kruuv, ??? 


 Shooting game Commodore Ltd., 1982 

 Bomb Scare

 Text adventure Bruce Robinson, 1982 


 Shooting game Cascade, 1983 


 Action game Robert Hurst, 2010 

 Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

 Action game Sega, 1983 

 Canyon Runner

 Action game ???, ??? 

 Car Drive

 Action game ???, ??? 


 Action game ???, ??? 


 Board game ???, ??? 


 Shooting game Creative Software, 1982 

 Cosmic Snake

 Shooting game MIS, 1982 


 Action game Melbourne House, 1983 


 Shooting game Rabbit Software, 1983 

 Cupid's Arrow

 Action game Cascade, 1983 

 Death House

 Text adventure Mike Galluchen, 1984 

 Death Race

 Racing game Atlantis Software, 1984 

 Derby Dash

 Gambling game Cascade, 1983 


 Action game Mr. Micro Ltd., 1983 


 Action game ???, ??? 


 Action game Imagic, 1983 

 Earth Defense

 Shooting game Commodore Ltd., 1982 


 Language processor C.C.S., 1979 

 Emmet Attack

 Shooting game Commodore Ltd., 1983 

 English Invaders

 Educational game Rabbit Software, 1983 


 Memory game Cascade, 1983 


 Shooting game Interceptor Software, 1983 

 Fast Eddie

 Action game Sirius Software, 1982 

 Flesh Eaters

 Shooting game Cascade, 1983 

 Formel 1

 Racing game Dirk Trabhardt, 1985 

 Formula 1

 Racing game Ed. Video, ??? 


 Action game Interceptor Software, 1982 


 Action game Parker Brothers, 1983 

 Funkey Monkey

 Word game Andrew J. Galluchon, ??? 

 Galactic Abductors

 Shooting game Anirog Software, 1983 

 Galactic Blitz

 Shooting game Jimmy Huey, 1982 

 Galactic Defender

 Shooting game Cymbal, 1983 

 Galactic Defender!

 Action game The Wizard's Magic Toy Box, 1982 


 Action game Jeffrey Daniels, 2007 


 Board game Commodore Ltd., 1982 


 Shooting game Llamasoft Ltd., 1983 


 Shooting game J.P. Shay, 1983 


 Word game Andrew J. Galluchon, ??? 

 Hardhat Climber

 Action game Chris Lesher, 1984 


 Action game W. Hanke, 1983 

 Hell Driver

 Action game Commodore Ltd., 1982 

 Hidden Maze

 Maze game ???, ??? 


 Educational game ???, ??? 


 Action game M. Herrijgers, 1983 

 Hydro Blast

 Shooting game Blaby Computer Games, 1984 


 Action game ???, ??? 


 Board game Argus Press, 1984 


 Shooting game F.M. Club, ??? 

 Invader Fall

 Shooting game UMI, 1983 


 Gambling game Mr. Chip, ??? 

 Jawbreaker II

 Action game Sierra On-Line, 1983 

 Jet Flight

 Action game Cascade, 1983 


 Action game Ultimate Play The Game, 1984 

 Jupiter Defender

 Shooting game Interceptor Software, 1983 


 Action game Steve Stiglich, 1983 

 Kids on Keys

 Educational game Spinnaker Software, 1983 

 Knight Out

 Puzzle game Cascade, 1983 


 Shooting game Rabbit Software, 1982 

 League Soccer

 Simulation game Sophisticated Games, 1983 

 Letter Attack

 Action game ???, ??? 


 Educational game Rabbit Software, 1982 

 Line Up 4

 Board game Teminal, 1983 

 Lode Runner

 Action game Sony Corp., 1983 

 Lucy Lizard

 Educational game Nanuq, 1982 

 Mad Drivers

 Action game Anirog Softwar, 1982 


 Educational game Lightning Software, Inc., 1983 

 Maths Maze

 Educational game Commodore Ltd., 1981 

 Meteor Maze

 Maze game Compute!, 1982 


 Puzzle game Creative Software, 1982 


 Puzzle game Pete Gerrard, ??? 

 Miner 2049er

 Action game Big Five Software, 1984 

 Missile Command

 Shooting game B. W. van Schooten, 1997 


 Action game Bubble Bus, 1982 

 Mower Maniae

 Action game Acme, 1983 

 Munch Man

 Action game Solar Software, 1982 


 Educational game Wunderware, 1982 

 New York Blitz

 Shooting game Mastertronic, 1985 

 Night Crawler

 Shooting game Interesting Software, 1982 

 Noughts & Crosses

 Strategy game Anirog Software, 1981 

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