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 Sultan's Palace

 Text adventure Dennis Koble, 1981 

 Summer Games

 Sports game Atari Inc., 1988 

 Sunday Golf

 Sports game Adventure International, 1983 

 Super Breakout

 Action game Atari Inc., 1979 

 Super Cobra

 Shooting game Parker Brothers, 1983 

 Super Huey

 Flight simulation Cosmi, 1986 

 Super Pac-Man

 Action game Atari Inc., 1984 

 Super Rover

 Action game T & G Software, 1984 

 Super Yahtsee

 Dice game D. Smyth, 1983 

 Super Zaxxon

 Shooting game Sega, 1983 


 Action game Irata Verlag, 1986 

 SuperFrogs Funspeller

 Educational game UltraBASIC Inc., 1986 

 Superman: The Game

 Action game First Star Software, 1986 

 Superman III

 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 


 Action game Joern Wunderwaldt, 1985 

 Supply Blaster

 Shooting game Graham Askew, 1985 

 Survival Adventure

 Text adventure United Software, 1980 


 Shooting game Synapse Software, 1982 

 Swamp Chomp

 Action game PDI, 1982 


 Puzzle game Frantisek Houra, 2008 


 Shooting game ???, ??? 

 Swiat Olkiego

 Action-adventure StanBit, 1994 

 Syn Boga Wiatru

 Action-adventure LK Avalon, 1993 


 Action game John Snyder, 1984 


 Adventure game PPP, 1992 

 Table Football

 Sports game Rino Marketing Ltd., 1987 

 TAC - Tactical Armor Command

 Strategy game Avalon Hill, 1983 


 Action game Sonix Software, 1992 


 Strategy game Mark K. Akita, 1983 


 Action-adventure Tynesoft, 1988 

 Taipei XL

 Board game R & E Software, 1989 

 Tales of Dragons and Cavemen

 Action game Rainer Kothe, 1986 


 Adventure-RPG Ken Newman, 1988 


 Shooting game Players, 1988 

 Tank Battle

 Shooting game Harald Siegmund, 1983 


 Shooting game Mirage Software, 1991 


 Action game US Gold, 1985 

 Target Practice

 Shooting game Geoffrey Thompson, 1985 

 Tari Trek

 Strategy game Quality Software, 1980 

 Tarkus and the Crystal of Fear

 Action-adventure Tiger Developments, 1992 

 Tarkus and the Orbs of Doom

 Action-puzzle game Tiger Developments, 1993 

 Tarzan of the Apes

 Action game Coleco, 1984 


 Action game Mirage Software, 1993 

 Taxicab Hill

 Action game Bill Morris, 1985 


 Action game Robert Patton, 1985 


 Action game StanBit, 1985 


 Action game Mirage Software, 1993 


 Action game Kemal Ezcan, 1990 

 Tee Off

 Sports game ACE Newsletter, 1984 


 Action game Sikor Soft, 1998 

 Tempest Xtreem

 Shooting game Atlantis Games Group, 2008 


 Adventure-RPG Avalon Hill, 1982 

 Temple of Darkness

 Action game Aim Software, ??? 


 Action game Frank Martone, 1985 

 Terror House

 Pinball simulator Mr. Hyde, ??? 

 Test Drive

 Racing game Gumi Software, 1994 


 Strategy game Hayden Software, 1983 


 Action-puzzle game Knoxville Users Group, 1990 


 Action-puzzle game UTX, 1989 

 Tetris 3-D

 Action-puzzle game BeWeSoft, 1992 


 Board game Avalon Hill, 1983 

 The Adventure of Dancing Dragon

 Text adventure Ken Rose, ??? 

 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai

 Text adventure Adventure International, 1985 

 The Adventures of Robin Hood

 Action game English Software Company, 1984 

 The Amulet

 Text adventure Tiara Software, 1990 

 The Basements of Bellevue

 Adventure-RPG ???, ??? 

 The Battle of Chickamauga

 Strategy game GDW, 1984 

 The Battle of Shiloh

 Strategy game Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1982 

 The Bean Machine

 Action game Steve Robinson, 1983 

 The Big Bump

 Pinball simulator ???, ??? 

 The Big House

 Action game BeWeSoft, 1984 

 The Black Forest

 Text adventure SubLOGIC, 1982 

 The Blade of Blackpoole

 Text adventure Sirius Software, 1982 

 The Brave Carpenter

 Action game ???, ??? 

 The Casebook of Hemlock Soames

 Text adventure CodeWriter, 1986 

 The Castle of Cire-Nampahc

 Text adventure Eric Chapman, 1987 

 The Cave

 Text adventure John Foskett, 1993 

 The Cavern of Death

 Action-adventure Carsten Reitz, 1986 

 The Citadel

 Puzzle game Tiger Developments, ??? 

 The Computer Solution

 Text adventure Mike Howard, 1985 

 The Convicts

 Puzzle game Domain Software, 1990 

 The Count

 Text adventure Adventure International, 1981 

 The Crypts of Plumbous

 Shooting game Cosmi, 1982 

 The Curse of the Pharaoh

 Text adventure Peter Kirsch, 1982 

 The Day After

 Text adventure Softwareladen, ??? 

 The Dragon's Den

 Adventure-RPG Ken & Joann Davy, 1985 

 The Dragon's Eye

 Adventure-RPG Epyx Inc., 1981 

 The Dreadnaught Factor

 Shooting game Activision, 1983 

 The E Factor

 Action game Cosmi, 1983 

 The Eidolon

 Shooting game Lucas Games, 1987 

 The Electroids

 Action game James Hague, 1984 

 The Escaper

 Action-adventure B.Ware, 1989 

 The Exterminator

 Action game William Fasner, 1982 

 The Extirpator!

 Shooting game Firebird, 1988 

 The Flintstone's Adventure

 Action game JK Soft, 1993 

 The Folly of Ezrhar'd Kkhann

 Text adventure UKACOC, 1983 

 The Fountain of the Gods

 Adventure-RPG Joey Butner, 1988 

 The Gauntlet

 Pinball simulator Chris Guise, ??? 

 The Gladiator

 Action game Richwood Software, 1985 

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