ATARI 2600

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 Jungle Fever

 Action game PlayAround, 1982 

 Jungle Hunt

 Action-adventure Atari Inc., 1982 

 Jungle Monkey

 Action game Chris Read, 2008 

 Juno First

 Shooting game Chris Walton, 2009 

 Jupiter Sumo

 Action game boomlinde, 2014 

 K.O. Cruiser

 Fighting game Devin Cook, 2009 


 Action-strategy Activision, 1983 


 Action game Activision, 1981 

 Kamikaze Saucers

 Shooting game Syncro, 1983 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1982 


 Fighting game Froggo, 1983 

 Keystone Kapers

 Action game Activision, 1983 

 Killer Satellites

 Shooting game Starpath, 1983 

 King Kong

 Action game Tigervision, 1982 


 Puzzle game Atari Inc., 1990 

 Knight Jumper

 Puzzle game Zach Matley, 2006 

 Kool-Aid Man

 Action game M-Network, 1983 

 Kraken Attack

 Shooting game Salzmafia, 2013 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 

 Kung-Fu Master

 Fighting game Activision, 1987 

 Kung-Fu Superkicks

 Fighting game Telegames, 1983 

 Lady Bug

 Action game John W. Champeau, 2006 

 Laser Base

 Shooting game Home Vision, 1983 

 Laser Blast

 Shooting game Activision, 1981 

 Laser Gates

 Shooting game Imagic, 1983 


 Shooting game 20th Century Fox, 1983 


 Shooting game Simone Serra, 2008 

 Library of Doom

 Action game Chris Read, 2008 

 Lilly Adventure

 Action game Home Vision, 1983 

 Lock 'N' Chase

 Action game M-Network, 1982 

 London Blitz

 Strategy game Avalon Hill, 1983 


 Shooting game Coleco, 1983 

 Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

 Text adventure Adam Thornton, 2002 

 Lord of the Rings: Journey to Rivendell

 Action-adventure Parker Brothers, 1983 

 Lost Cat

 Puzzle game graywest, 2015 

 Lost Luggage

 Action game Apollo, 1982 

 Lunar Excursion Module

 Action game Filippo Santellocco, 2010 


 Shooting game U.S. Games, 1982 


 Action game 20th Century Fox, 1983 


 Shooting game theloon, 2012 

 M.M.S.B.C. II

 Shooting game theloon, 2013 

 Magic Run

 Action game Geek Basic, 2009 


 Action game Answer Software, 1983 


 Action game Spectravision, 1983 


 Action game Tigervision, 1983 

 Marble Craze

 Action game XYPE, 2002 

 Marble Jumper

 Puzzle game Zach Matley, 2005 

 Marine Wars

 Shooting game Konami, 1983 

 Mario Bros.

 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 

 Master Builder

 Action game Spectravision, 1983 

 Math Gran Prix

 Educational game Atari Inc., 1982 

 Maze Craze

 Action game Atari Inc., 1978 

 Medieval Mayhem

 Action game Darrell Spice Jr..., 2006 

 Mega Force

 Action game 20th Century Fox, 1983 

 Mega Man

 Action game Jon M. Gibson, 2007 


 Shooting game Activision, 1982 


 Shooting game 20th Century Fox, 1983 

 Mental Kombat

 Puzzle game Simon Quernhorst, 2002 

 Merlin's Walls

 Shooting game Ebivision, 1999 

 Midnight Magic

 Action game Atari Inc., 1987 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1984 

 Mind Maze

 Game of memory Atari Inc., 1984 

 Miner 2049er

 Action-adventure Tigervision, 1982 

 Miner 2049er II

 Action-adventure Tigervision, 1983 

 Mines of Minos

 Action game CommaVid, 1982 

 Miniature Golf

 Sports game Atari Inc., 1979 

 Missile Command

 Shooting game Atari Inc., 1981 

 Missile Control

 Shooting game Video Gems, 1983 

 Mission 3,000 A.D.

 Shooting game Bit Corporation, 1983 

 Mission Survive

 Action game Video Gems, 1983 

 Mogul Maniac

 Sports game Amiga, 1983 

 Mondo Pong

 Action game Piero Cavina, 1997 

 Montezuma's Revenge

 Action-adventure Parker Brothers, 1984 

 Moon Patrol

 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 


 Shooting game Imagic, 1983 

 Motocross Racer

 Action game Xonox, 1983 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1990 

 Mountain King

 Action-adventure CBS Electronics, 1983 

 Mouse Trap

 Action game Coleco, 1982 

 Mr. Do!

 Action game Coleco, 1983 

 Mr. Do's Castle

 Action game Parker Brothers, 1984 

 Mr. Postman

 Action game Bit Corporation, 1983 

 Ms Snake!

 Action game mad4j, 2013 

 Ms. Pac-Man

 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 


 Action game Rich Skrbina, 2012 

 My Golf

 Sports game HES, 1990 

 Name this Game

 Action game U.S. Games, 1982 

 Night Driver

 Racing game Atari Inc., 1980 


 Action game Chris Walton, 2005 

 Nitebear on Sleepystreet

 Shooting game theloon, 2012 

 No Escape!

 Action game Imagic, 1983 


 Action game TechnoVision, 1983 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 

 Ocean City Defender

 Shooting game Zellers, 1983 

 Off your Rocker

 Game of memory Amiga, 1983 

 Off the Wall

 Action game Atari Inc., 1989 


 Action game Activision, 1983 

 Okie Dokie

 Action-puzzle game Retroware, 1985 


 Shootinge game Simonne Serra, 2008 

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