ATARI 2600

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 Fatal Run

 Racing game Atari Inc., 1990 


 Action game Imagic, 1983 

 Final Approach

 Action game Apollo, 1982 

 Fire Fighter

 Action game Imagic, 1982 

 Fire Fly

 Shooting game Mythicon, 1983 


 Action game Starpath, 1982 

 Fishing Derby

 Action game Activision, 1980 

 Fix-It Felix Sr.

 Action game Cybearg, 2013 

 Flag Capture

 Strategy game Atari Inc., 1978 

 Flash Gordon

 Shooting game 20th Century Fox, 1983 

 Flip Out

 Action game Joel D. Park, 2009 


 Sports game Atari Inc., 1978 


 Action game Sancho, 1983 


 Strategy game Bob Montgomery, 2006 

 Frankenstein's Monster

 Action game Data Age, 1983 


 Action game Activision, 1981 


 Action game Home Vision, 1983 

 Frog Pond

 Action game Atari Inc., 1982 


 Action game Parker Brothers, 1982 

 Frogger II: Threeedeep!

 Action game Parker Brothers, 1982 

 Frogs and Flies

 Action game M-Network, 1982 

 Front Line

 Action game Coleco, 1983 


 Action game Activision, 1983 

 Funky Fish

 Shooting game UA Ltd., 1983 

 G.I. Joe - Cobra Strike

 Shooting game Parker Brothers, 1983 


 Shooting game Kaeru Yojimbo, 2014 

 Game of Concentration

 Memory game Atari Inc., 1978 

 Game Panic LCD

 Action game Jason Santuci, 2014 


 Shooting game Gammation, 1983 

 Gangster Alley

 Shooting game Spectravision, 1982 


 Action-adventure Atari Inc., 1984 

 Gas Hog

 Action game Spectravision, 1982 

 Gate Racer

 Racing game Steve Engelhardt, 2013 


 Action game Answer Software, 1983 

 Ghost Manor

 Action game Xonox, 1983 

 Ghost Maze

 Maze game elad, 2009 


 Action game Activision, 1985 

 Ghostbusters II

 Action game Activision, 1989 

 Gingerbread Man

 Action game Fred Quimby, 2007 

 Glacier Patrol

 Action game Telegames, 1983 


 Word game Selchow & Righter, 1983 

 Go Fish!

 Action game Bob/Tommy Montgomery, 1980 


 Action game John Swisshelm, 2006 


 Sports game Atari Inc., 1980 


 Action game U.S. Games, 1982 


 Shooting game CBS Electronics, 1982 


 Action game Chris Read/Michael Rideout..., 2007 

 GoSub II

 Action game Chris Read/Michael Rideout..., 2009 

 Grand Prix

 Racing game Activision, 1982 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1982 

 Great Escape

 Shooting game Bomb, 1983 


 Action game Atari Inc., 1984 

 Grover's Music Maker

 Educational game Atari Inc., 1983 


 Shooting game Apollo, 1982 


 Shooting game XYPE, 2001 


 Shooting game Parker Brothers, 1983 


 Action game Wizard Video, 1983 


 Word game Atari Inc., 1978 

 Happy Bear Smackdown

 Action game Fort Apocalypse, 2008 

 Happy Halloween

 Puzzle game Chris Read, 2007 

 Harbor Escape

 Action game Panda, 1983 


 Adult game Multivision, 1982 

 Haunted House

 Action-adventure Atari Inc., 1982 


 Action-adventure Activision, 1984 

 Havoc Bug

 Shooting game diogoandrei, 2011 


 Action game Cybearg, 2013 

 Holey Moley

 Children's game Atari Inc., 1983 

 Home Run

 Sports game Atari Inc., 1978 

 Human Cannonball

 Shooting game Atari Inc., 1979 


 Action-adventure Chris Walton, 2005 

 Hunchy II

 Action-adventure Chris Walton, 2005 

 Hunger Shark

 Action game Anthony Luna, 2013 

 I Want My Mommy

 Action game Zimag, 1983 

 Ice Hockey

 Sports game Activision, 1981 

 Ikari Warriors

 Shooting game Atari Inc., 1989 

 Immies & Aggies

 Shooting game Zimag, 1983 

 Inca Gold

 Action game Zellers, 1981 


 Strategy game Ben Larson, 2008 

 Indy 500

 Racing game Atari Inc., 1977 


 Action game Steve Engelhardt, 2010 


 Action game Apollo, 1982 

 Insane Painter

 Action game Fort Apocalypse, 2007 

 International Soccer

 Sports game M-Network, 1982 


 Shooting game Erik Mooney/Piero Cavina, 2004 

 IQ 180

 Memory game Suntek, 1983 


 Action game Sega, 1984 

 Jack and the Beanstalk

 Action game Chris Read, 2009 

 James Bond 007

 Action game Parker Brothers, 1983 


 Puzzle game XYPE, 2001 


 Action game Tigervision, 1982 


 Action game Chris Walton, 2005 


 Action game Chris Read, 2012 

 Journey Escape

 Action game Data Age, 1982nbsp;


 Action game Atari Inc., 1983 


 Action game Kirk Israel, 2005 

 Joy Ride

 Action game Cybearg, 2013 

 Jr. Pac-Man

 Action game Atari Inc., 1986 

 Jump! Jump!

 Action game Rabbit 2600, 2013 


 Action game Steve Engelhardt, 2006 

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